Well let's see... My name's Hiro and a student at the North Torrance High School, CA. I'm currently in charge of the airsoft unit known as STRIFE, otherwise known as Special Tactical Response and Independant Fireteam Element. I'm somewhat of a gun fanatic and not exactly what you'd call 'typical'. Most people think I'm weird, which I am mainly because I know so much about guns. I'm also the Commanding Officer for NHS' Special Teams.

Anyhow, I'm hooked on Gaia and I enjoy RP'ing and making new friends. Most of the people I meet are cool and kind and what-not, but eventually you get those people that are total A-Words (trying not to cuss because kids are on Gaia).

So... Yea, if you don't think I'm THAT wierd, PM me or something and we can chat. Well thanks for taking the time to read all this. Take it easy and be safe, later.


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A Soldier's Journal

This is just a little spot to record important things or just anything really that I feel like. You're all welcome to come read if you like. Hope it doesn't bore you though =D


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*glares at you* you will regret the day you say onigaimashu! *whips out a go piece* XD hello!
Poison Fed with a Spoon

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Poison Fed with a Spoon

Hey ^_^ Wow even Kyrinn's here...weres Elrindor when you need him?

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Hiya! ...Yeah, I just noticed the comment you added to my page, so I figured I'd comment back. ^^

...How long ago was that anyway?? O_o


"Philosophy is a game with objectives and no rules. Mathematics is a game with rules, but no objective."

Snake - I'm a little nervous. Everybody else I've saved suddenly dies.
Otacon - You're bad luck.

"I'll die, after I've killed you."