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I guess you could say I have an
Irish Temper. My name is Austin, and yeah, I know its more of a guys name. So dont ask about it, please. My future husband shall be Ed Westwick, dont know who he is? Screw you :3 I listen to Indie Rock and Alternative music. And I listen to it loud. I love making friends laugh, and try not to be boring. I tell people things they dont need to know; Im random~ Makes me more fun c: And a lot of the time I forget what I'm about to say. I'm not religious and I'd rather people not try to talk to me about it. Also, I'll ignore if your a Jesus Freak.
Still wanna talk to me? Perfect.

Some of my favorite songs:
Devil's Dance Floor
Bohemian Like You
You're a Wolf

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My dream someday?
To become Mrs. Westwick~Badgley ;D

Mah Dream Avi, Help? c:

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