NAME: Shayla

LOCATION:Clinton, Iowa



STATUS:i am single


HEIGHT: 5' 4"

ETHNICITY: i am cherokee, and german .i do believe i have a tiny bit of french in me to.i am very proud of my heiratage

RELIGION: i am not a very religous person, i do however believe in the afterlife but not in terms of heven and hell, none of us really know whats gonna happen to us when we die so really all religon is are thoughts and ideas so here are my ideas as far as how we got here and where were going. . . alians. we all know alians exist i mean look at all the sh*t that has happened that we have no explaniton for, alians are behind it man, i mean they had f*cking lightbulbs back in anciant egypt. i think the alians created the first two people( maby it wasnt even two maby they made like 100 of us but anyways) sent them to earth to study there behavor, now as far as where were going maby we wil go back to the alians or when we die we go to this magical place and depending on what kind of live you lived and who yu were determans what kind of creature yuo turn into like a fariy or a unicorn or a troll or a mermaid who knows,

THINGS I LOVE: the beatles man, johnny depp and all of his movies (except for charlie and the chocolate factory, i mean no disrespect to johnny or tim, i mean tim burton is a f*ckin genious but really they just f*cked that movie all to hell) tim burton, people (love the people, love, the people lolz) music( if i didnot have music i would die, weed man, scooby doo

HINGS I HATE: the government f*ck THE GOVERNMENT war,liers,cheaters,stuck up snobs,preps,self centered egomaniacs who think that they are better then everybody else,people who judge other people,rap(except for eminem, eminems the sh*t man) idk theres not a lot that i hate im a very loving person except for when i drink then i might try to kill you lolz

WHAT I AM: i am...well im just me i dont lable myself or anyone else for that matter (well i try not to anyways) i am a very peacefull and loving person, im mellow most of the time. i dont like war or vilonce. so i guess the sterio type i would most fit into is "hippy" i dont know really. call me whatever you want i dont care

MY HOBBIES/THINGS THAT INTREST ME:music man, smokin weed, chillin with people, wwe wrestling, idk i dont really have any hobbies

MY FAVORIT BANDS: The beatles,the monkeys, sublime,red hot chilli peppers, nirvana, marlyn mandson,metallica,papa roach,my chemical romance,slipknot,ozzy (of course)evanescence,limp buskit,saliva,guns and roses,alice couper,these are just a few but pretty much every band that is on my playlist is one of my favorits. i also listen to country. i was born and raisen on country music, i am a redneck at heart. dont hate me because im counry

MY FAVORIT MOVIES:across the universe, sweeney todd, benny and joon, pirates of the caribian, edward sissorhands, cry baby, fear and loathing in las veagas, the craft, the saw movies, nightmare on elm sreet, friday the 13th, southpark bigger longer uncut, dogma, dazzed and confused jay and silent bob strike back, clearks, clearks 2, 11:14 ,see no evil, ...pretty much anything that has to do with witches and vampires ya know super-natural stuff or anything that if kick ass funny or cool to watch when your high

,MY OPINION ON WAR:i hate war. i think war is just a plot by the government to kill off people in third world countries for oil and because the world is overpouplated.war fixes nothing i mean look at the vietnam war. what is the poin??really?? and amerians are so niave their just lining up to get killed because they think what their doing is right. their just blinded by the government like everyone else


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why aren't you happy? o.O
-l- contepartiro -l-

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-l- contepartiro -l-

WOW i luv ur profile. its kewl :3

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o.o i love your profile! ^_^

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Lucky person! I had to wait until the nearest Wednesday (5 days!) as my friends were being cheap. Gr.

Tim Burton is amazing - his films are the best. I have a slight obsession with him as demonstrated by my huge poster of him, and t-shirt and books and other stuff. <3

Thank you! I shall look on there.

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Hi - im just a random person who come across yur profile. Love yur avi btw (yur hair is brill).

Can yu plz tell me where yu got yur profile from? I luv it! Tim Burton is genius and I luv what he did wif AiW.

Anson Song

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Anson Song

Anson Song

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Anson Song

Im not a man neutral
Anson Song

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Anson Song


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thanks for buying smile
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Levi Genes

Thanks for buying!


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