Why do we bother bumping into each other when all we're going to do is pull the trigger?
Hearts explode along the back wall while a breath is stolen.
With every battle, our beings deteriorate.
Stop disintegrating before it's too late.

Hello! I am Hioni!
I'm a Furry Artist, though I do more than just fur.
I am also a department director at a Library!
Mother always said I should never quit my day-job....

I haven't been very active in the last couple of years, but it looks like I'm resurfacing again. I thought I might as well say Hello.

Please... if you are younger than 18, do not request anything nsfw from me. Art, writing, or even random chatter must be kept at SFW levels only for those under the legal consenting age for my location.
Trust me, you don't want my boss showing up at your door asking why you bought dick art from her employee.