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Tuga the Narwhal Plush
Blue Ball Ornament Earrings
Gold Tiara With Sapphire
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Ok I guess it's time I add a little bit more about me. I know most of you will probably just skip over this part, but for those of you who are curious, here's just a couple of things about me:

I'm generally a happy person who always looks at the bright side of everything. I can lose my temper once in a while, but I'm never angry for long. But please watch out because once someone has really hurt me it takes me a really long time to forget (One of my many failings which I'm trying hard to overcome).
I find it hard to say "no" to someone, even if it's something I really wouldn't rather do. I would do anything for my friends! Friends are very important to me and I would do anything not to see them get hurt. That is something I forgive even less!!
I'm not a very organized person and I'm also trying my best to work on that, but it's an uphill journey and there's lots of sharp cliffs on the way!! (But I never give up hope)
There are many things that I like to do during my free time, such as read a good book or manga, watch a movie, go eat out with my friends, play basketball and football (that's soccer for you American folks) and study (hah, just kidding!!).
Actually, I've recently become OBSESSED with anime and I can't seem to stop watching them! My favorite is Naruto. I just love it because of all the great friendships that develop and Naruto's determination never to give up on his old friend Sasuke. Some other great anime include Busou Renkin, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Claymore, Devil May Cry, and Fate/Stay Night.
Because of the aforementioned obsession, I'm also trying to learn Japanese.
Languages I speak so far: English, German, French (moderately), Arabic (a bit), and a little bit of Japanese.
I definitely want to go to Japan one day!
I haven't put up a picture of my real self yet partly because I hate most pictures of me and partly because I'm a complete dunce when it comes to computers and I probably don't even know how to!
So here is a brief description of the real me (I'm being as honest as possible).
Age: 19
Height: 183 cm (about 6 feet, I think)
Eye color: Originally brown, but in recent years green has started to appear around the outer edges (is it normal for eyes to change their color??). It also looks grey in some lights. (I've spent a lot of time studying my eyes). My wish is that they would one day become completely green.
Hair color: Medium brown, sort of turns copper in the sun.
My hair is quite long, I'd say one hand above my waist (I don't know if that's a proper measurement but it's the best I could come up with).

Some of my dreams:
Travel around the world on a ship.
Learn seven languages.
Have at least five kids.
Teach underpriviledged children in Africa and/or Asia.
Write at least one bestseller.
Change a person's life.
World Peace

Well, I think that's about it for me now. Feel free to PM me, whoever you are.


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Ur profile is very pretty and I read ur thing in the arena. It was pretty good. biggrin

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Really??? COOL!!!! smile smile

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Thanks for buying!!!!! smile smile

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Thank you kind stranger. :] and yes, isnt that song quite lovely? *huggles*
Lady Yelena

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Lady Yelena

heyyyyy what's up

miss you

see you on Monday
Mystic Spirits

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Mystic Spirits

thanks loads hinata =D
angelic snow angel

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angelic snow angel

just wanted to say "hello"
Mystic Spirits

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Mystic Spirits

whoa! really? speaking of which! im currently addicted to a new website that helps you keep track of your anime and manga lists and help you pick whatever manga you wish to read by recommendations

its really soo fun, you have to see it! myanimelist.net

by the way i lost track of the wallflower.. i dont know it if kept the same pace or got better now! and i think you can find fruit basket on onemanga, i downloaded it from the-evil-empire.net but this website is soo annoying you have to register and post 10 (able-to-be-discussed-not-less-than-25-words-or-your-posts-will-decrease-again-and-get-a-warning) posts there to be able to get anything XD but it offers a really wide collection
Lady Yelena

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Lady Yelena

heh, thanks..Pol gave it to me along with the dark cape^^