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LeNixx Report | 12/05/2010 10:09 am
Gaaah I lost all creativity I swear, when I have no drive to finish writing I never do. x_x But I'm working on something else that's like.. 6 pages into it that's alike.
GalaxyUniversity Report | 11/29/2010 1:44 am
Kuroshitsuji, Kuroshitsuji 2, Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Guilty, Blood+, The Big O, Case Closed, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Eureka Seven, FLCL, Full Metal Alchemist, Gakuen Heaven, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Gravitation, Junjou Romantica, LaCorda D'Oro, Loveless, Lovely Complex, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, Paranoia Agent, Please Teacher, Samurai Champloo, Sukisho, Tide Line Blue, Yu-Gi-Oh, Trigun, Ikoku Irokoi Ranmantan OVA, Kire Papa OVA, Papa to Kiss in the Dark OVA, Inuyasha, .hack//Roots, Baslisk, Bleach, Code Geass, D.N.Angel, Dragon Ball (Z, GT, Kai), Lupin III, Mahoromatic, Nana, The Prince of Tennis, Princess Princess, Ruroni Kenshin, Tactics, Trinity Blood, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, Vampire Princess Miyu, Wolf's Rain, Iria, and Red Garden. Not in any particular order, but those are what I watch. I'm always looking for new ones that look interesting. How about you?
LeNixx Report | 11/28/2010 3:23 pm
Problem is I procrastinate too much so I try and set deadlines. sweatdrop I'll be working on it.
LeNixx Report | 11/28/2010 3:18 pm
With how slow my attention span is it'll be a little longer. xD I'm starting to type it now
Fuzesivah Report | 11/28/2010 8:52 am
Lot of stuff in your wishlist by the way. pirate
God damn...
Fuzesivah Report | 11/28/2010 8:51 am
Mornin' private wolfy lady with high heels. pirate
LeNixx Report | 11/27/2010 2:07 pm
Would've been done last night.. but we got a Wii on black friday and my little mind was occupied. x3 you'll have to wait and see.
BlackManaBurning Report | 11/26/2010 10:59 am
I watched it constantly when I was little, but never really realized it was an anime until later.^^
I guess i tried once to watch it again, but didn't get very far whee
I guess it is one of those magical things best left to a child's memories xd
LeNixx Report | 11/26/2010 10:46 am
A little. XD
BlackManaBurning Report | 11/25/2010 4:59 pm
Hello fellow anime and manga lover!!
I can't wait to get to know you better~ ♥

Although I can't say that I have a favorite anime, I would say that Sailor Moon is one of my classic faves from when I was little~♫
a l g e b r a i c - s e x
Insane Neko Freak
sekh nassor

i need 201,000gp 2 get alruna's rose

i need 700,000gp 4 adriana doll


I need about 3,257,999gp 4 my dream avi. adriana doll, jenny doll=3,257,999gp. i spent all my $ 2 help save the shops. .....

I'm bringing sexy back

Mm, Mm GOOD!!!

I'm loving it!!!


slave wishing for death!!!