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Hello so is me... I am the main character of Jenny's story and well like u see i am a vampire... it was not my intention to be a vampire but... days ago i was bitten by a Vampire, instead of killing me, he made me a vampire... and now im living here in this castle... i dont want people to know that i am a vampire.... is complicated to say my if i have a family because- my parents were murdered by their clan when i was 3yrs old, my grandpa had compassion and spared me from the guards to kill me too like they did with mom and dad, my aunts and uncles jnever visit me, grandpa is sick now and is dieing, cousins are the ones that come and visit but they come rarely, my other grandpa and grandma from my dad's side of the family hate me so much because im related to them, actually all the people from that family hate me so much because my dad had to die and live orphans two kids and a widow behind just because he had to fall in love with my mother and runaway with her and have a family with her... But yea so i have a half brother and a half sister... Once in the funeral i met the two of them and well the kid just stared at me mean, my half sis was like my age i believe and she was clueless of what was going on... I shed tears and gave my dad a red rose but that boy tore the flower i gave my father and told me that i shoouldnt be here and that i should never visit him ever again... I cried and left the cemenntary with my grandpa... i stayed their castle until i was old enough to take care of myself and they hired Oblivion to take care of me but Oblivion couldnt take a lot of responsibility so he wanted to hire an extra hand in the middle castle where i live.. My grandpa lives on the left side and my other family lives on the right side of the castle no one is allowed to b in their property buut sometimes they can wonder in the middle place jjust for emergencies.. The middle side of the ccastle belongs only to me and no one else... after i turn into a vamp, Chigo comes to my dark life and lights it with his happiness and now that he works here in this castle especially to bbring me company im glad that he arrived... I really needed a friend to talk to because the ones that were my best friends are now dead...


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Akihiro_Matsumo is my new ish account it my main one now
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i got a new account gzcool42 delete gzcool24 it's a hacker on my old account
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i've missed u u should get on
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yooooo its me jorge the skater from jeff how u bin XD i didnt know u had a gaia
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sorry hina for everything and i want to apologized

for the things i have done maybe ur mad about me. . ????

or u want to say something to me. . .my gaia avatar having

some problems. . ine gaia. . .

if u want to see me im in town on 2040. . .PM me also. .

take care always hina. . . .
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hey =]
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Hi, just replying!!! :- {D mustachio
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i can go to the pinball. . ok lets see some tym if wer same online. . .

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