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Hiii, I'm Hina.
I'm 24 years old.
Female. Single
I'm 179cm tall. That's almost 5'10-11.
I'm also a very nice person and I love making friends. So hit me up if you want to.

I'm from Pakistan.
I love music and adorable little things! I have four cats, three dogs and I have a never ending love for horrible movies. I like hoarding items.

I have bipolar and ADHD so I can be hard to deal with. So you've been warned.

I'm currently trying to save up enough to buy myself some happiness, contributions are appreciated~

Social Media
Instagram: The11thMuseBlog
Steam: hinaisnew
Twitter: hinaisnew

My Cats & Dogs:
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Avatar Art:
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Stoner Cloud Report | 10/21/2017 8:52 am
Stoner Cloud
*hugs you tight* happy birthday! heart
Doskito Dorito Report | 04/19/2017 8:00 am
Doskito Dorito
<3 i love you too
Doskito Dorito Report | 04/19/2017 7:57 am
Doskito Dorito

good friends are there when it counts
and care

and ur here when it counts and you care
and thata makes u a good friend i dont care what other standards people hold you to
Doskito Dorito Report | 04/19/2017 7:50 am
Doskito Dorito
i'll do what i can then through gaia to keep us connected
Doskito Dorito Report | 04/19/2017 7:47 am
Doskito Dorito
i guess that's a fair way to perceive it

i apologize
i will think about downloading whatsapp

but for now we will skype and gaia talk
Doskito Dorito Report | 04/19/2017 7:44 am
Doskito Dorito
its not that i am doing it to you
but that i just do it in general
Doskito Dorito Report | 04/19/2017 7:39 am
Doskito Dorito
its only for

im too lazy to
Doskito Dorito Report | 04/19/2017 7:35 am
Doskito Dorito
i didnt log on skype for a few weeks b/c it was hacking my computer
and then it got stolen and i didnt want to bother apologizing to everyone
Doskito Dorito Report | 04/19/2017 7:31 am
Doskito Dorito
didnt know you log on here still

and dont have kik
Doskito Dorito Report | 04/19/2017 7:14 am
Doskito Dorito
shock and aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i miss u sometimes u kno