"The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief"

I'm Kira. My hair is black like my soul and I don't like other people. In fact I'm sometimes considered bitter. I roleplay sometimes and I don't hesitate to say that I'm not friendly.

A bit about my best friend, Claudia and I--

Alright, Claudia.. Oh gawd. We've been friends since we were both about thirteen years old. I still remember the day we first met each other. It was crazy! (Summer of 2010 man, never forget) You've been there for me for about as long as I remember. I remember whenever my grandma would make me angry, and I would wind up crying because of the hurtful things that she would say to me, you were there for me. You were always there for me. Things between us got a bit rough for a awhile, but eventually we always got over it, and were just fine in the end. Why? Because that's just how things work with us.

When I moved in with my mother, things were different and for awhile, we were still very close. As we both progressed in school, things got more difficult. I think somewhere along the line we just lost contact with each other and I have to say that I believe I was very upset bout it but I'm glad that it's not that way anymore. My mother had told me that she didn't like me talking to people from the internet, even you. I tried my best to talk to you but after she had taken my computer away, there wasn't much I could do. Every once in awhile the two of us would receive a phone call or maybe a Skype call and somehow, we would just pick up from where we left off.

This summer, we began to talk again. No one will ever know how truly overjoyed I was by this fact. Along the way of our Skype calls, I met your many other friends whom live in Florida. Gladly, most of all of us seemed to get along pretty well. It seems as if over this summer, that I had gotten closer to you than I ever believed possible. I mean if someone asked me a personal question about you, I'm pretty positive I could answer it. Better than anyone else I know, anyways. Though sometimes school gets in our way or other things cloud our minds from time to time and we don't talk on specific days, I honestly cherish the times that we do because I laugh more than I ever dreamed of being possible.

Just a heads up to all you other guys and gals who didn't know, Hinaichiigo is my best friend. No one elses, mine. I know that may sound a little greedy, but yeah okay. Honestly, shes one of the only people that I would ever trust with my life because i know, that without a doubt, she would save me. More than likely, if you make her angry with you, you've made me angry with you and you don't want two angry iichiigos.

In the end, Claudia, you are the best friend that I could ever ask for. All day during school my brain wanders and says 'Gee, I wish Claudia was here.. She'd understand' because no one else ever does. I am truly glad that I found someone that understand how my brain ticks (probably because hers ticks the same way) Either way though, I love you Claudia. Don't you ever let anyone else try to convince you otherwise, because my loyalties will always lie with you at the end of the day. Oshimai~♥

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Honestly, like to be honest, I'm gonna be honest with you so honestly this is what I honestly think



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LOL tryna be sneaky an sh*t cat_cool
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thanks bitxh 3nodding


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A very good interpretation of what happens when you mess with my friends and I.