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my friends over you


In life there are many things that we may never be entirely sure about... these things come in many different shapes and sizes... we may never know exactly what is the right choice and what is the wrong one... but we will make the choice... and we may never know... if that choice was good, or if that choice was bad... but we must live with that choice for the rest of our lives... we can never go back... and erase the choices we have made, or the things that we have done... but we may forget about then for a time... so that we may move forward, without guilt, without fear, without resentment... and as we move forward along the path that lays before us... know that there will always be someone with you, when you make a bad choice and fall... that person will be there to catch you... if you can no longer walk on the path before you... know that there will be someone there to carry you on their back... even if you don't want to move on... know that I am here...


"Yesterday is history, tommorow's a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it's called a present.


Always remember to reach for the moon, For even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars.


in life. s**t happens, and vary rarely do we ever have any control over it


I have a few cracks but I'm not broken just yet



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Malestifia Report | 11/08/2009 12:22 pm
what one? XD
(I advise not getting the gee boi ever. I got a 5K mythrill coin, a 7K dog thing, for my last 2 tries. only my first try was good.)
Malestifia Report | 11/08/2009 12:17 pm
Ah, well...how about Jeremy Camp? (that ones a joke, don't take it seriously. XD)
ummm... i don't really know. Shinedown is good.

babe the welsh thing is a dog XD
Malestifia Report | 11/08/2009 12:12 pm
owl city?

andI got a "babe the wolish" something... only worth 7K XD
Malestifia Report | 11/08/2009 12:04 pm
it just sold ^^
I think I am gonna try again XD
Malestifia Report | 11/08/2009 11:45 am
184K or so
Malestifia Report | 11/08/2009 11:26 am
just press one button or the next. lolz.
I got a sdplus blind box.
Malestifia Report | 11/08/2009 11:14 am
someone bellow me has int now.
I am playing the gee boi by the way XD
Malestifia Report | 11/08/2009 11:04 am
nope...my connections really slow. I will go see what I can post later today.
Malestifia Report | 11/08/2009 11:01 am
just use it a lot and learn how to do different things i suppose.
Malestifia Report | 11/08/2009 10:27 am
that's good^^
just the same stuff as usual.
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everyone desires a story. everyone desires a meaning in life, everyone desires to be remembered... this was her story... and now it is mine

Where ignorence is bliss, knowledge is a curse. For even those that have learned from the past are doomed to repeat it

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