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Hey! I'm Hikaru (Or at least that's one of my many nicknames) and I'm a 27 year old clumsy artist who's trying to make my way in the world (currently ++ a History degree, and later down the line an archiving and library sciences degree? One can hope!)
I've been on this site for what feels like forever, so my main bio's gotten pretty lame, oh lordy.

As many people in this day and age, I'm obsessed with manga and anime, and am into all that crossplay nonsense, cause I enjoy dressing as characters I adore! smile
I act a bit younger than I am, but most of my friends still say I'm a perfect 'Con-mom', as I always take care of people while running around conventions.

If you want to talk to me at all- Go right ahead! I'm a pretty friendly person as long as you're not shaming on other people! If you can't give polite advice that helps (like with artwork) instead of making them feel horrible, than please keep that off a kid friendly site, please and thank you!

Hhhmm.. Anything else.. Nah, I think that's good enough! If you wanna talk, you can pm me! I'm on here fairly regularly and love mindless chatting~




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MicrosoftPowerPoint Report | 09/29/2019 5:06 am
ty for the buy!
pinkpoodleboo Report | 07/09/2019 9:29 am
Thank you for your purchase~
-Mommae- Report | 06/19/2019 3:45 am
💟🎇 Thank you so much for your purchase~! 🎇💟


1 x Ascending Toxotes

💟🎇 Thank you~! 🎇💟
SirRadChip Report | 04/03/2019 12:43 am
Very impressive avatar!
The_Beautiful_Kat_Katrina Report | 03/06/2019 8:13 am
Thank you for the purchase biggrin
Torhu-chan Report | 02/19/2019 1:34 pm
Welcome, welcome!

Heh, I know the feeling. Lately, I have just been searching by color and hoping the tags are effective, or jumping to the last page for most recent buys ^^;
Someday, I keep telling myself, someday XD But best of luck to you when you do~
Torhu-chan Report | 02/19/2019 1:12 pm
Thank you~ hope yours is lovely as well!

Ah, excellent, and a lovely design ^^ I gotta say, I do the same most of the time d:
I have a few go to items, so much so that I've saved them as an outfit called Base, but I do love collecting and playing around in Dress Up. ( Man, I have got to figure out a way to organize my inventory ^^;;; )
Torhu-chan Report | 02/19/2019 1:01 pm
You're welcome >u< I think one of the poses is close to your current avatar's hair color, so might be something you'd like~
Any particular character, if I may ask, or just a design you liked in Dress Up?
Torhu-chan Report | 02/19/2019 12:58 pm
Thank you~ I was considering asking if you or I should send first, but then I got my answer~
They do send a notification, a red text ' New Request ' which I'm sure you've seen now d:

These chocolates are a huge help, and maybe you can get some use out of that item, or at least the Platinum XD
Take care, and best of luck with the rest of the event c:
Torhu-chan Report | 02/19/2019 12:40 pm
Alright ^^ Thank you again! X3

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