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BluePrincess_18 Report | 03/08/2009 3:01 am
bored! D:
PerfectFear Report | 07/15/2008 9:34 am
Darkshipping is the suck! >.>
BluePrincess_18 Report | 02/29/2008 2:50 am
lol =)
BluePrincess_18 Report | 01/28/2008 1:40 am
hi! hI! ♥ how are you? hope ur fyn... ☺
TholiaMule Report | 08/09/2007 9:34 am
thanks! ^^
TholiaMule Report | 08/08/2007 1:52 pm
thanks for voting and commenting me on the arena^^ and yeah,inventing new words is fun! xD
Kayden Laskar Report | 07/29/2007 4:16 pm
Kayden Laskar
Steph steph. I LOVES YOU! ok it's jenny. Hiya! I'm hyper!
The Amazing Fetus Report | 07/28/2007 5:46 pm
The Amazing Fetus
Is that correct? Neat avatar, the new hair looks devilish.

Congrats on getting the black kitty.
Mariah Clark Rocks Report | 07/27/2007 11:42 am
Mariah Clark Rocks
LET US UNITE!!!! we must join forces and go help Kadaj to RULE THE WORLD!!!! and we shall do it... with... ummm...... STRAWBERRY'S AND CREAM!!!! WE SHALL HAVE KADAJ PUT THE STRAWBERRY'S IN A BOWL AND HE WILL LICK THE WHIPS CREAM OFF!!!!!!!! all the fan girls and rulers of the world will be sooooooo in love and soooo distracted by all the sexiness, he will be able to take over the WORLD!!!!
The Amazing Fetus Report | 07/26/2007 7:26 pm
The Amazing Fetus
Oh really now? I call on profile tag, tag you're it!

Anime/Manga/Games/Books I've enjoyed:

Angel Sanctuary: Pictures
I need to get ahold of more than the first two mangas. -_-

Comic Party:
I wish I could draw doujinshi. ;_;

I liked the first three seasons, especially the first. The major hottie was Ken, though. My first bishie crush ever. Gee that was a long time ago...

DragonBall Z:
Okay, I'll admit, I was a Vegeta fan.

DNAngel: Pictures
Dark or Krad... I can't decide! GAH! T.T And then... Satoshi x Daisuke.

Reminds me of the online game I play, World of Warcraft. I've played a couple of dot.hack games, but the major downfall of all of them is the inability to jump.

Heh! I actually have gotten to play it. Still on the first disk. Reno's spiffilicious, Cloud's an absolute dork in his memories, and Sephiroth's a total momma's boy. (How would he react to 'yo momma' jokes?)

FF7: Advent Children: Pictures
Okay, not an anime. But Kadaj! And Vincent! And Sephiroth! *dies*

Gundam Wing: Pictures
Because Neva introduced me... I like Duo x Heero. But Quatre is kawaii. ^^

Harry Potter:
Fanfiction makes up for the declining plot line. Yay for Draco/Harry slash? Oh, and Draco has a kid named Scorpius. The Deathly Hallows was indeed a fascinating read.

Howl's Moving Castle: Picture
I loved the fit Howl threw over his hair changing color. *snort* Howl is awesome.

Inuyasha: Pictures
Who doesn't like Sesshoumaru? Of course I do, too!

Kingdom Hearts (all):
AkuRoku, SoRiku = loved. Crack = more loved. 6/11 = most loved.

Loveless: Pictures
Also shonen-ai, gotta love depressed Ritsuka. Also I like Youji from the first set of zeros. Apparently, Loveless falls within the realm of 'shota'. Wow.

Ouran High Host Club:
Tamaki's awesome, Hunni is adorable, and the twins are devlish. My taste in bishies? I can't decide. But I recommend this anime!

Shonen-ai! The split personalities are friggin' awesome. I bought this anime at Sakura-Con. Yoru x Ran

Tenchi Muyo! (any):
*feels sorry for Ryoko* Ryoko is awesome and smexy. Washu's cool too, but I like thieves and she's not as smexy as Ryoko.

Trinity Blood: Pictures
Abel Nightroad, priest and vampire hunter. But he's avamp, too. A vamp that eats other vamps! (What has this world come to?)

Wheel of Time:
Book series! Eleven books so far. Robert Jordan (just an alias, not his actual name) was a genius! Sadly, he died last year of a rare life threatening blood disease and left it up to his wife to get his last book out. Will Shaitan control Rand and use him and his split personality Lews Therin to destroy the world and infamous wheel of time? I wanna know. *sad*

Yami no Matsuei:
Also known as Descendants of Darkness. I've read most of the manga and seen most of the anime. It's amazing how graphic this gets when it comes to that freaky Muraki. Muraki is friggin' scary and reminds me of the typical 'cliche doctor evil type' such as Hojo from FF7 and Aizawa from Sukisho.

Yami no Bakura -sama, thief king and pretty boy extraordinare. I used to run a fan shrine and two rivalry fanlistings, pitting him against the Pharaoh-no-baka. Funny thing is... I like darkshipping. And angst. Mmm... angst.

Yu Yu Hakusho:
Youko Kurama, again, thief kings are fun. I drool over any bishie with silver hair and like Marluxia and Tamaki... he has this odd intrigue with roses. What is that with pretty boys?

Pictures gallery at!

Bishies I'd refrain from glomping:
Krad (because he'd kill me.)

Yoru (because he belongs to Ran.)

Youji (I don't want to be in pain.)

Sephiroth (Obvious reasons...)

Bishies I'd wish to glomp:
Bakura *(hikari and yami)*

Abel Nightroad

Youko Kurama

Soubi *('cuz his jacket is furry!)*

Riku *(darkness welcomes us both)*

Dark Mousy

Argentine *(zomg, he's only
in vol.11 of DNAngel, when is 12
coming out?!)*

Kadaj *(because he was smexy
until he died >< wink *

Axel *(same *sigh* why do I
like the ones that die?)*



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