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Aizen Taichou, 5th Division Captain, My book!

Read some stuff, lots of my old stuff is gonna be entered into one BIG entry.

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Hanatarou_Yamada1 Report | 01/04/2008 5:26 pm
konichiwa hikari

what's up?
Karushi Moriume Report | 11/11/2007 8:28 pm
Karushi Moriume
yay it's kira from death note!!!
Essus_Siobhan Report | 10/03/2007 3:52 am
Hanatarou_Yamada1 Report | 09/27/2007 7:37 pm
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The First L Report | 08/16/2007 6:28 pm
The First L
Yes, Yagami-kun; the case has been progressing rather smoothly. I believe that Kira will be caught within this month. How goes everything for you?
Rosalina47 Report | 08/16/2007 4:41 pm
Hey so when ever your free lets talk mail me and we can meet just tell me the where or what Topic and i will be there! - Rosalina
kellybearx3 Report | 08/16/2007 10:27 am

There whus more than 500. o:

500 is the limit to the comments.

So they delete the old comments.
Kuroyuki Soru Report | 08/13/2007 1:32 pm
Kuroyuki Soru

a raito

rarest species on gaia!

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Hello, I am Raito Yagami...a normal highschool student...actually...
Im Kira...the first Kira, not any of those imposter peoples

Raito Yagami is the primary protagonist of Death Note. He is an extremely intelligent, but bored, young man who found Ryuk's Death Note by sheer chance. Light constantly tries to evade the suspicion of L while both maintaining his identity as Kira (Japanese pronunciation of Killer), and cleansing the world of crime. The fact that he is a genius also adds to his notion that only he is fit to judge humanity and steer it on a proper moral course. Light is seen as somewhat heartless and sociopathic by those who are aware of what he is doing, as he can willingly kill his victims without batting an eye or do things which would seem evil to most, but he believes that he is doing good and bringing justice for most of the series.

When L is finally able to corner him, Light puts his master plan in practice. He temporarily gives up his Death Note to Ryuk, erasing his memories about his time as Kira from his mind. Rem, as per Light's instructions, gives it to Kyosuke Higuchi of the Yotsuba Corporation. Now unaware of the fact that he was the original Kira, Light accepts L's offer to join the investigation team to hunt down Higuchi, known as the third Kira. When he is finally captured, Light touches his Death Note, thereby regaining his memory of when he was the original Kira. He then proceeds with his plan, masterfully killing Higuchi by using the Death Note paper he put in his watch before he lost his memories; and manipulating Rem, who also dies in the process, to kill both Watari and L.

Light is later nominated by L's investigation team (who are unaware that he is Kira) to act as L, due to the fact that they can't reveal the death of the real L to the world. He also takes over the role of L's assistant, Watari. Now able to act as both Kira and L, Light can continue killing criminals while leading the investigation team in circles. However, his secret identity as L is soon discovered by the Special Provisions for Kira, President Hoope, and Mello's gang. Light joins the Japanese Police Force's Intelligence Department in April 2009, believing that no one can stop his plans. Near and Mello eventually appear before him, trying to accomplish what L could not: to expose Kira's true identity, and bring him to justice.

In the end, however, the combined efforts of Mello and Near prove to be more than Light can handle, and he is forced to reveal himself as Kira. In the final clash between Near and Light at a warehouse, Light loses the battle of wits.

In the manga version, Light begs Ryuk to help him. Ryuk reminds Light that he is on neither side, and fulfills his earlier promise to write Light's name in his Death Note, thus ending Light's life.

In the anime version, Light manages to flee the warehouse after Mikami commits suicide. Near instructs the team that there is no reason to pursue Light given that there should be no more hidden Death Notes, and Light's wounds would prevent him from getting far. Despite this, Aizawa, Mogi, Ide and Matsuda follow Light but are unable to find him before he dies on the staircase of a nearby warehouse, presumably due to cardiac arrest from Ryuk writing his name in his Death Note. As Light slowly closes his eyes, an apparition of L appears before Light, mirroring Light standing over L in episode 25 at L's death.

According to the manga, Light's date of birth is February 28, 1986, which makes him younger than Misa. His date of death is January 28, 2010, one month short of his coming birthday. Height and weight are 179 centimeters (about 5 feet and 10 inches) and 54 kilograms (about 119.5 pounds), respectively, which puts him at the same height as L (if L stands up in a proper position). His blood type is A (see Japanese blood type theory of personality). His likes are listed as justice, and his dislikes as evil. Ironically, Light doubts that he could kill so many people during the time that loses his memory and is unaware that he is Kira, even for the sake of justice.

[edit] Light in the movie
A few changes were made to Light in the movie, and he is portrayed somewhat less sympathetically than in the manga, being more willing to kill those close to him to further his goals as Kira. At the film's beginning, Light is a first-year university student studying Law, instead of still being a high school genius, as in the beginning of the manga. He has a girlfriend, Shiori Akino, whom he kills at the end of the first movie to gain sympathy from L. After Rem "kills" L and kills Watari, Light writes his father's name in an attempt to kill him, an attempt that ultimately fails. The endings of both the second movie and the manga are similar, with Ryuk writing Light's name in the Death Note after he is exposed. In the movie, Light dies in his father's arms, begging him to believe that he acted as Kira to put justice, which Soichiro had taught him since his childhood, into practice. He is portrayed by Tatsuya Fujiwara, best known as Shuya Nanahara of Battle Royale.

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About Love
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But when I do
It just breaks ....


You looking for Kira, that may be me, im not telling...

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