snow ♥

Snow is a great person and one of the best ppl ive met on gaia, she knows like everything about mee. Shes a great listener and advice giver xDD. She makes me laugh..and smile. She always conviences me not to quit ♥ love ya!!Hurt her u got a bullet coming ur way >;DD

taco ♥

shes my hoee im her bxtch i love her so freakinng much ♥♥♥
(no homo) <-- o-o. IK she will defend me in times of need.Ik she wont knife me in the back. Love ya girlyy ♥

Cookie ♥

omg! cookie is the funniest person in the world. She makes me laugh 27/7.♥SHES MINE >;l (no homo!!) If ur willing to throw down over her ill win of course <3 love u!

Zandur ♥

hes my gaia dad and my favorite 1!! (even tho hes my only 1 xDD) Hes an amazing person/human being.IK he has my back and would take a bulllet for me. ♥


Hello sunshine♥ my name is kirsten but i hate tht name so X tht out and call me katie. I'll call u a hoee but i dont usually mean it unless i dont know u! I wont judge u if u dont judge me. If u knife me in the back expect one coming right back for ya. I dont play fair and im very negitive. But u'll love me for those reasons ♥ If u call me a bxtch ill say ik i am im just not urs. If u like to play those games of "i'll get u back" remember i always win. I dont usually give up. I dont like being called a quiter because im not 1. If u annoy me dont just expect the silent treatment i will tell u to stfu. I always say ":ur face" "u wish" "epic" and keep dreaming hun" Im very sarcastic. in a good way ♥. I smile and laugh ALOT. I know many dumb a** phrases such as "suck it" nd "u know u want me", say them to me and expect me to say "keep dreamiing hun" or "in your dreams♥ ". I wil say "thts what she said" or "thts what he said". xDD get to know me ♥♥♥♥♥

allie ♥

Allie is maii crazyy fri3nd from school tht i love <3
(no homo) <--- o w o ive known her 2 years (about)Shes funny,crazy,amazing,awesome,retarted,lame-o,anddd...lovable!! Mess w ur back u hoee.
Shes always by myside..shes loud and annoying, and NOT SHY AT ALL!!!!!!!!! love u al <3

Kayla ♥

shes amazingly funny sweet and adorable ♥ (no homo again)
aka my wifeeyy ♥. Touch or upset her uve got something coming ur way u freaking hoe! LOVE YA! ♥

blu ♥

Blu is annoying,fun,crazy,and funny.His wife is snow <3.Ive known him for a while and hes a great person. We have gone through tough times together and we r still the greatest of friends ♥