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lol yea User Image

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awesome i hope your having fun

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OW! My Eye! User Image

j/p * pokes your cheek *

User Image

how r u?

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aww haha ok well good thing

sorry i usually type more but today Ive been preoccupied and i will type more latter >.<

~ Mia ~

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lol Yup xD

and i understand he is weird and random

but i think that's where we connect because i am as well .. lol

and yes i think he is your friend .. everyone has weird random moments

even depressed moments some are more weird than others xD but hey

everyone needs a little weirdo as a friend lol

i myself am weird and can be a dork ball x3

well he has changed nick has gotten very beautiful =w= and nice set of boobies

sorry my mind slipped there >.<

and ok

i enjoy talking to you

i hope all is well with you

and how are you?

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aww your very welcome and thank you for your comments.

i agree with you and also remember Hidoshi that the body is a shell,

and so i try to look at someones soul then whats on the outside

im glade that " Z " has a friend like you as well

last time i seen " z " so beautiful and has a natural feminine body

i guess pretty much i scene the beauty , kindness , and caring in " Z's " soul then what was on the outside

i just try to remind " Z " that there are friends that care and is there for " z "


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and how are you doing??

~ Mia ~

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its ok hun i understand

i wasn't trying to label you

sense i am very open minded and very supportive to most that don't get it

I Myself Am Pansexual

Meaning ::

That We Can Find Ourselves Loving A Male Or Female

But There’s A Difference between pansexual and bisexual,

Pansexual Can Also Love Transgender, Androgynous, And gender fluid people.

People Who Do Not Feel They Fit Into Categories of male or female.

When We Love, Our Love Is Pure.

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lol yea

i might if i have the money * i hope so *

just to go and see him .. hopefully he will be up to go party and dancing

and im sorry i was trying to define your gender..

i myself am pansexual , so i see past gender and orientation Love is Love

and im glad to see he has such a good friend like you

i want to call him but i never know whens a good time sense

most time i sleep during the day.. but yea >.<

(._. #) i sure do miss nick
Undertakers Girl

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Undertakers Girl

LOL! Thanks ^^;;


Why do I need one ?