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Hiya...sorry for not coming on Gaia Online for a while...I didn't feel like coming to Gaia Online...and I'm guessing I made a lot of people mad at me or worried about me. But I'm fine...I'm just not logging on as much as I used to. But I'll get back to you guys sooner or later...Sorry for not commenting back on your comments...and PMs...I'm really sorry for that...
I'm just depressed that's all...
Well see you all later.

Current Multimedia:
"Seishun Kyousoukyoku" or "Youth's Rhapsody" by Sambomaster
(shows Naruto)

{ Donators }
Thanks so much you guys...! I love all donated items or gold...
I even appreciate unwanted trash or unwanted ticket(s) or token(s)...fish(es)...bug(s)...and credit(s). I love all your efforts.
Whom I consider donators...

-yuna--angel donated the Blacklight Ribbon! <333
-The_Bull donated the St8 Jacket! <333
-Vital Ki donated 5000 Gaia Gold! <333
-fruity2sweet donated Blue Longjohns! What a great tip! <3333
-BabyGirl360_07 donated the White Paper Cat Band! Ears!? :9Thank you so much! C: <3333
-BabyGirl360_07 donated the Dead Sexy Rose Skull Pin, the Drop Dead Gorgeous Skull Hairpin, and the Newsprint Stars! My gawdzz how nice of you! <33333
-Im The CrazyFrog
donated the Yello Cotton Stripe Sweater! My first Dream Avatar Quest is one step closer to being finished...! whee Thank you so much! <33333
-Im The CrazyFrog donated the Black Cross Belt, the Black Fishnet Stockings, the Flashion Yellow Star Stockings, the White Leather Belt, and the Soft Black Underwear! You've done so much to help on my first Dream Avatar Quest...! I don't know how to repay you...! Thank you so much for your kindness! <333333 blaugh
-Im The CrazyFrog donated the Nitemare Collar! This finishes my first dream avatar quest...! Yeas...! Thanks a lot...You helped a lot for my quest. I couldn't have finished without your help...! You're a very generous person! ;'D Thanks so much...! <3333333
-Im The CrazyFrog donated the TLDR hat (1a)! What a thoughtful gift...[': So much generosity. Sorry for not responding earlier...I love you so much! <33333333

{ Basics... }

Sheep or a Goat.-
Atheist Summer Camps freak me out.-
I think atheists are both positive and realistic thinkers. They have their own version of faith.-
I'd rather go to a Christian Summer Camp.-
Believers spread the word or force their religion on you because they believe it's the truth. They're just spreading the word. c: Really it's nice of them to offer an invitation...Don't you think?-
Open-minded individual-
All-round Materialistic Individual.-
I'm addicted to Coca Cola.-
Licks Lips. Deloba...-
I like Pocky Mens.-
Urr....ramen! :]-
I'm obsessed with LiveJournal Icons...even though I have no LiveJournal Account.-
My opinion: Johnny Depp is a very talented actor.-
Keira Knightly is slender...despite being called waif or having an anorexic figure. Even though due to her family history and etc. She's beautiful!-
I want to make icons as a hobby.-
Also...I would like to make a fanlisting one day.-
Comments are appreciated, and I comment back.-
I don't like beggars.-
Don't bother asking or saying please...because you'll take it for granted of what I've done or you jus' got what you wanted.-
I donate randomly to a few, very lucky people.-
I usually donate to people who I think, truly deserve it.-
You'll never know what's coming...believe me. It's too random to tell.-
I'll probably most likely donate on holidays or events.-
I donate items most likely than Gaia Gold.-
If you're going to donate to me or trade with me...etc. Tell me beforehand with a Private Message, please.-
Empathetic...depends If I experienced it like you did.
I can be apathetic at times.-
I'm bad at advice.-
I'm worse at comebacks.-
I'm bad at saving money.-
I think I'm a sociopath...! cry -
I may be bad at advice, but I'm there and listening to you.-
I remember what my friends say, usually.-
Don't worry you can trust me.-
I frequently procrastinate.-
I don't want to get married.-
I don't want to get pregnant.-
I feel ashamed, when I cry or have an emotional breakdown.-
People don't know me...I have to inform them about my history.-
I try to believe there is good in every individual...'cept you'll see what I mean.-
I loathe discrimination.-
Discrimination will never go away. ;-;-
I loathe religious extremists...they are the ones who literally force their religions and beliefs on you! D:<-
I hate backstabbers.-
I hate two-faces...not the ones who wear masks. I mean the ones who act kind to your face...while they talk ill of you, when your back is turned.-
I loathe two-faced guys.-
People are difficult to deal with, sometimes.-
I loathe any other extremist...doesn't matter what they believe in.-
I loathe corruption in politics and government...anything! Dx<-
I really hate scammers, hackers, and cheats.-
I really hate dandruff or flakes...having greasy hair...etc.-
I can't stand Linkin Park. I don't like them.-
I'm still struggling through the Pursuit of Happiness.-
Liberal thinking...even though I don't like politics that much.-
My sexual preference is complicated...but I seem to have a specific interest in both sexes.-
Sometimes selfish.-
Still generous, though.-
Slightly or just envious.-
Gluttonous, but not overweight or obese.-
I can be real b*tchy, but only in real life with my family.-
I'm a member of the many dysfunctional families in the world.-
I am well aware there are people who have better or worse lives than me...but it's hard to keep that in mind, when you're in pain.-
With my experience. I try to remember to not take life for granted...but like I said above... :c-
Don't take life for granted...it is always uncertain.-
But really sometimes I'm like...Life is a real b*tch.-
I can either be a pessimist, an optimist, or a realist-
I have phases.-
I'm still finding myself.-
Happiness is elusive for me.-
I'm very stubborn.-
I have four-eyes-
Despite being four-eyes, I have poor vision.-
I can't see words...not even big ones. But I can still see where I'm going.-
I believe Music=life.-
If Jesus is what he is in the Bible says...he's a great guy.-
He died for me!-

{ Favorite Movies }

Beauty and the Beast-
Blade series-
Blood Diamond-
Casino Royale (current)-
Children of Men-
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children-
Finding Nemo-
Forest Gump (is that what it's spelled?)-
Gone with the Wind-
Kung Fu Hustle-
Life is Beautiful (La vita รจ bella)-
Lord of War-
Matrix series-
Mean Girls-
Memoirs of a Geisha-
Miyazaki's Spirited Away-
Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Unrated-
Notes on a Scandal-
Pan's Labyrinth-
Perfume: Story of a Murderer-
Pirates of the Caribbean series-
Resident Evil: Extinction-
Saw series-
Shrek series-
Silent Hill-
Smokin' Aces-
The Last King of Scotland-
The Little Mermaid-
The Reaping-
Toy Story-
Wild Hogs-

{ Favorite Anime/Manga }

Cowboy Bebop-
Death Note-
Demon Diary-
Elfen Lied-
Ghost in the Shell series-
Innocent Venus-
Neon Genesis Evangelion-
Samurai Champloo-
Trinity Blood-

{ Other Favorite Television Shows }

America's Next Top Model-
Courage the Cowardly Dog-
Desperate Housewives-
Family Guy-
George Lopez-
Johnny Bravo-
Kyle XY-
Taxicab Confessions-
The 70s Show-
The Boondocks-
The Simpsons-
Ugly Betty-

{ Favorite Music Artists }

All That Remains-
Angela Aki-
Asian Kung Fu Generation-
Avril Lavigne-
Black Eyed Peas-
Fall Out Boy-
Green Day-
Gwen Stefani-
Ice Cube-
Kanye West-
Kiss Kiss-
Little By Little-
My Chemical Romance-
Nuttin' But Stringz-
Papa Roach-
P!nk or Pink-
Hitoshi Sakimoto-
Section Quartet-
The Pussycat Dolls-
The Shins(Probably...what about the other sounds not heard)-
The Used-
Three Days Grace-
TiLa Tequila-
Nobuo Uematsu-
Underoath(Listen to them once...pretty interested.)-
Weird Al Yankovic(?)-

{ Favorite Video Games }

.Hack Part 1: Infection-
Final Fantasy series-
Final Fantasy VII-
Final Fantasy VIII-
Final Fantasy IX-
Final Fantasy X-
Final Fantasy Tactics-
Grand Theft Auto series-
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas-
Kingdom Hearts series-
World of Warcraft (MMORPG)-
World of Warcraft: Burning Legion-
World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade-

Yeah...I should play more videogames, but I have wishlist that isn't on here.

{ Favorite Reads }

Cirque Du Freak series-
Harry Potter series-
I Am Legend-
The Giver-
The Joy Luck Club-
The House of the Scorpion-

Many more...still don't remember their titles though...long time ago.

Listed them from the top of my head. Bah...! I'll continue later...

{ The Miscellaneous... }
I always thought them to be necessary...or I was bored...

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

{ What I want... }

-Adobe Dreamweaver
-Adobe Photoshop
-Another $25 Gaia Cash Card. :/
-A USB Cable for the PSP!
-Blood Plus Complete Best
-Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
-Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack
-Flyleaf (EP)
-Get Taller.
-Girl Scout Cookies!!!!111!!! 4laugh
-Girl Scout Cookes: Caramel deLites (Samoas)
-Girl Scout Cookies: Cinna-Spins
-Girl Scout Cookies: Shortbread (Trefoils)
-Girl Scout Cookies: Sugar Free Chocolate Chips
-Girl Scout Cookies: Thanks-A-Lot (All Abouts)
-Girl Scout Cookies: Thin Mints
-80GB Ipod
-Kiss Kiss: Reality Vs. The Optimist
-Kiss Me Goodbye
-Miyazaki's Spirited Away
-Naruto: Best Hit Collection
-Naruto Original Soundtrack
-No School...!
-Odin Sphere
-Passing GPA
-PSP Case
-PSP Screen Protector
-Road Runner from Time Warner Cable
-Symphonic Poem "Hope"
-Time Warner Cable

My Dream Avatar...
The promise has been kept...! I finished my first Dream Avatar Quest...! Thank you so much Im the CrazyFrog...It wouldn't have been finished without your gracious help! <33333333
Heh heh hee.
User Image
Total Value: (Completed!)
[Item Information]

Item List:
User Image
Screw Mood Bubble
User Image
Bunny Tail
User Image
Dashing Gentleman Pristine White Gloves
User Image
Black Cross Belts
User Image
Prisoner's Ball and Chain
User Image
Nitemare Collar

User Image
Tiny Pixie Wings
User Image
4x Blackrocque Helm
User Image
Black Fishnet Stockings
User Image
Charred Tundra Boots
User Image
Flashion Yellow Star Stockings
User Image
Soft Black Underwear
User Image
Assassin's Guise
User Image
Assassin's Guise
User Image
White Leather Belt
User Image
Yello Cotton Stripe Sweater
User Image

Other future Dream Avi Quests...
No. 03
No. 06
No. 08
No. 09

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image

Note:The Icons aren't mine, but with a few exceptions. The Blood Icons are credited to Hikkie_Heaven or Hikkie_Sama, a LiveJournal account. Also the name tag themed icon I give credit to Samurai Drive. The Little Mermaid LiveJournal Icon was made by SUPER CINDERELLA. The two Al-Cid Icon was made by fabulous_papaya. Last but not least, x__Mel__x for the Fabula Nova Crystallis Icons. Thanks so much to all Icon makers...etc. I'll give more credit later, since some are anonymous to meh. They're like earrings or tattoos for your profile. :3


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Yeay...! Elfen Lied!

User Image
User Image
Aren't Saya and Diva cute as unbreakable, unconditional, loved, ones..?
Too bad it ended this way... :C

Links...(A Recommended Click)

-Free Various Uses
-Will You Press?
-.D.L.S. Saves Fakes/Losers/Emos/Sad Peoples lives. I swear and when I swear...I mean it!
-Everyone is equal here.
-Gaian Basics
-You Could Use Better Threads
-Words of Wisdom: Arwen Speaking
-Claims to Be Official
-For Your Information...
-Anything , but an Unimportant Petition!
-Sign this not only for your sake, but for everyone else!
-Gaia Online is in need of chaos and conflict.
-Elfen Lied Vectors would look so tight with an ORLY hat!




It's Just Storage. It's Under Construction, anyway.



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Hello :3
The Black Coakatrice

Report | 05/18/2008 8:45 pm

The Black Coakatrice

xD I just got hacked. Oh well...karma, I guess. It's sort of messed up for this to happen...Oh well, I'll start over...or not.

a- K0KO-

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a- K0KO-


I had an artwhore phase for a while one time. User Image It didn't last long due to circumstances such as constantly running out of gold. xD

Yeah. 8D~

I watched them already a while back. :BB The L of the movie was quite smexy. 8DD But I couldn't follow along the second one anymore after half way through.

I despise weaboo/wapanese people. @__@ Walls of "KAWAII DESU" are everywhere in youtube comments.

LOL. XDDDDD Kakashi for favorite. Kuahahahahaha...

Yeaah I know. XD

I sort of rewatched some scenes in the Naruto anime that was on TV last night. I remember that I cried over that episode when Sasuke & Naruto were fighting before he went to Orochimaru in grade 5. But as I watched it again, I discovered that there'd be hints of yaoi. User Image My mind became much more twisted over the years. xDDD

Ahhh Ino...I think she's okay. Most of the Konoha girls are okay anyways. XDDD

I love Konan~ o wo I personally think that "God's Angel" is a pretty name, for her at least. xD

Cloud was the target they were after, right? My memories are starting to flush out.

Ohh. I've always liked the redhead. :BBB She looks really pretty in those suits. 833

It was sort of a sad friendship between them as well.

No, they were only released in Japan. @__@ I really wonder if they were like pop or juice or something.

I like yours too. Unique. :]]]]]
[[ Llama Lover ]]

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[[ Llama Lover ]]


Yeah. Totally agree with that one. :3

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Sad to admit: Yes-my short attention span has caused me to forget. D;

Shame on you!!!


Hmm....Maybe that's why I've become interested in video games! I always thought it was because I played Brawl for 2 weeks straight....And now I learn that it's because I don't sleep much and I've stopped sleeping around!

Now I don't know what's worse, being a loser or being a jerk! D;


I've, for some reason unknown to me, fallen in love with the Metal Gear series-and I haven't even played it!

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Thanks for buying from me!

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nice avitar! it looks scary! and violent!!

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OMG I love your profile =^.^=

and the video! I have that same song on my mp3 player ^.^

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love you helmet


Welcome to DLS