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I was genetically engineered to be the perfect soldier,my only flaw was not having a left arm so I was fitted with a cyberarm with retractable blades. The scientists working on the arm referred to me as "the 'left arm' with the body attached" and so the name stuck. Then I learned the truth about why they made me, and now I am their greatest liability.

I became one of many soldiers in an army meant to take over the world for the 7th Moon. Then, after eighteen years of preparation, I went on my first mission with Kichiku, the closest thing I had to what I could call a brother, and we destroyed a village. We saw hundreds die, and then we saw Douji, a little boy, only three years old, the sole survivor of the massacre, and everything changed. Kichiku helped Douji escape and I went back home known as a traitor for letting him get away. Eventually I escaped with a cat girl named Keisei and by a twist of fate, we all ended up at a Shinto Shrine. Keisei and I fell in love and we lived in peace there, until a team came to eliminate us. Now we must fight for our lives and stop 7th Moon once and for all.

Fighting Styles

Hidariude fights using Gishudo, the Way of the Cyberarm. This fighting style is essentially kenjutsu, but incorporates his retractable cyberblades in his left arm while wielding his sword in his right hand. His left hand has a blade in each finger and three claw-like blades are in the top of the hand, as well as his arm length blade. He uses the hand blades for claw strikes and has a signature three move combo that involves all blades, but mostly he just uses the long blade like a second sword. Finally, he also has electrokinesis that he can use three ways; throw a lightning bolt diretly from his cyberarm, conduct it through his sword, or conduct it through both blades simultaneously, each technique more powerful than the previous, but drain him so he usually sticks to melee.

Keisei uses a combination of tessenjutsu(fighting with fans) and kayakajutsu(fire-based magic), wielding warfans and volatile flash paper. Her best fighting technique though is pyrokinesis to control fire from paper bombs and other ninja style incendiaries.

Kichiku fights with Northern style Iron Body Kung Fu, which is slow, but heavy and strong. His secret technique is geokinesis, the ability to move earth and cause quakes. This power is very dangerous, so he uses it sparingly.

Ryu fights using standard kenjustsu, almost the same style that he taught to Hidariude. He lacks cybernetics and elctrokinesis, so his repertoire is limited to standard sword techniques.

Douji fights using Kung Fu that he learned from Kichiku, though his smaller frame makes it less effective. His true secret to power is psychokinesis that includes, but is not limited to, all previously mentioned esper powers, however he has not yet learned to control these powers and refrains from using them when possible.

Seichei is modeled after Hidariude and fights in a similar style, though he has a complimentary set of cyberblades instead of a sword, so he compensates by extrapolating double cyberskills. He can also transform to become more powerful by getting bigger and having more blades.

Baz and Aka share a rudimentary fighting style similar to capoiera, not they are adept enough to recognize it as such.

Hime has no fighting style, she just has psychic rage. It should be noted that she is not a true esper, meaning that she does not have extrasensory perception and therefore can not direct her abilities properly and is highly unstable.

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