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I'm like so excited for Staurday
I'm going camping!
I've been stuck in my house for like
the longest time I've been since these
Summer Vacation crap has started,
but I would stay home and do nothing than go to school.
Okay, today I was going into Wal- Mart like a normal person
when I looked over to the side and I saw school supplies
like I was about to faint right there and then.
It's only June and I don't even start school untill
August like seriously thats like the worse thing ever.
Okay, back to the camping thing.
I think this year is going to be the best over all,
cause more of my friends are going and like that's going to be fun.
I dont really call it camping cause like my family and the other families
would pack up our/their whole house and put that
in their car. Which I dont think that's camping at all.
The food there is usually good, this time we're going to have MORE food;
like barbue, noddles, and cake casue my baby sister's birthday is on one of the day we go camping, and we're going to do fireworks biggrin .
Well thats all.


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Spike_jr187 Report | 07/13/2009 12:24 pm
hey Sexi how r u biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin
Spike_jr187 Report | 06/25/2009 11:48 am
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windsblade Report | 06/09/2009 5:54 am
Franky Faith Pop Report | 12/23/2008 12:53 pm
Franky Faith Pop
Wats up, Im doing a antibullying message to all of my friends. This is for Girl Scouts (make fun of me i don't really care!) This message is so u and ur friends stop ppl bullying other ppl. So if u see someone getting bullyed u should help.

"Just kinding just hurts"

So wat can u do to help? Keep sending this message on!

Franky Pop1
PunkRockStar_182 Report | 11/19/2008 8:31 am
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Franky Faith Pop Report | 09/23/2008 1:08 pm
Franky Faith Pop
xXDarkNeonXx Report | 08/12/2008 8:38 pm
iSilent_assasin Report | 08/10/2008 1:42 pm
hey wats doin
iSilent_assasin Report | 08/09/2008 5:21 pm
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hotdolphin101 Report | 07/31/2008 4:38 pm
i know ur youtube password




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