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About Hex:

Check out my current RP! :
Dark Snow Tavern & Inn

Hello, my name is Hex! I have not been on Gaia in YEARS, so when I decided I wanted to check things out again, I realized how much Gaia has changed! And not all my old RP friends, and RL friends are on anymore. So I decided to start off fresh with a new account, and everything, to relearn Gaia which changed so much through time, and so have I.

I also tend to dable in the craziness that is of CB. CB regs, you crazy m***a f***as. You know who you are!!! And you know that I love you b***hs to death! TO DEATH! scream

Hopefully I will find new and interesting RP buddies, and perhaps I can get my old friends to come back. We shall see!

I will have RP character bios and fanfics posted in my journal!

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I am willing to pay gold for artists to draw my avatar! <3

User Image

Art was done by: I Own Elmo

User Image

Art done by: Crystal53182

User Image

Art done by: The Mighty Lag

User Image

Art done by: Me (was just fooling around in Paint razz )

User Image

Art done by: Dintheinperceptive

User Image

Art done by: Theory of the Absurd

User Image

Art done by: Sweet Bubbie

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I am also on msn messenger. If anyone else uses this old school method of talking to someone, I am on it. PM your addy if you want to be homies! Word...

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User Image

This is my pug Shinkou... all bow down before his cuteness!

User Image
And here is my newest tattoo that I got done on my birthday! It's of course my little Shinkou floating in outer space chasing a space chicken! hahaha! No... I am not crazy, why you ask? xp

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User Image

My newest tattoo! I finally have a jellyfish tattoo and yes I am crazy enough to put it on my neck. This is how much I love... jellyfish. xd

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A Hexed Jellyfish's Thoughts

This will be filled with normal journal entries and character profiles! So, you must be interested?Well, you should be.

SAY SOMETHING! are you alive!?

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Maple Tattersticks Report | 09/09/2011 6:38 pm
Maple Tattersticks
It's a blast =D
Maple Tattersticks Report | 08/15/2011 2:44 pm
Maple Tattersticks
Herrow! heart Miss you too!
Unfortunately, I am not quite back.
I've been busy with the Busker's Festival this summer, and I am starting circus school (true story!) September 18th.
HTML_Thief Report | 07/23/2011 10:19 pm
I would luffles to be chur twin when im rich biggrin
HTML_Thief Report | 07/20/2011 1:34 pm
I want to be your avi twin O.O
Maple Tattersticks Report | 04/13/2011 7:33 pm
Maple Tattersticks
-flails, falls over and hugs back!- heart
Maple Tattersticks Report | 04/13/2011 4:15 pm
Maple Tattersticks
I miss you too!! heart
I need mah commanderz hugz! <3
HTML_Thief Report | 04/01/2011 6:55 am
I am alive D:....thanks for having me on your profile biggrin
StarrdustxxOwls Report | 03/30/2011 8:20 pm
cool avi
slothdad Report | 03/28/2011 4:16 pm
Yo Hexed!
HTML_Thief Report | 03/26/2011 6:48 pm
thank you smile

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