Favorite song of the moment: John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16, Keith Urban.

Random Thought of the Moment:
HOLY CRAP. That moment when you haven't been on Gaia in a while AND INFLATION HAS EXPLODED THROUGH THE ROOF AND PROBABLY THE ATMOSPHERE AS WELL. I remember when the Golden Laurels were 1,000,000. Now they're 49,500 times that! THIS IS INSANE, PEOPLE!

General Amazingness of Me
(23 years of age, currently working at a law firm, not as a lawyer)

~ I graduated with three degrees in four years. My only regret is that they're all liberal arts degrees. (The anthropology one is a bit of a hybrid with biology.)

~I tore my ACL country swing dancing. I've had a crappy recovery. I want to play soccer again.

~ I'm kind of obsessed with evolution. Just kind of.

~ I'm an optimist. I see that as a good thing.

~ I'm Catholic. I love it.

~ I play soccer and volleyball on a regular basis and frisbee and floor hockey when given the opportunity.

~ I have a superiority complex. But it's okay, because I beat everyone at everything just like I say I will. =)

~ I studied abroad a semester in Santiago, Chile. Absolutely loved it.

~ I love the outdoors. Stargazing, hiking, fishing, going places with my head out the window, just about anything involving sun, etc.

~ I like being a Grendel in people's lives. I give their lives purpose even if they don't like it. =)

~ I read. A lot.

~ I love languages. I really want to learn Chinese, Arabic, Greek, and Italian (in that order). Currently almost completed my Spanish major, learning Japanese and classical Greek for funsies, and trying to keep up the French I took in high school.

And donators:
heart SSJ5VEGETRUNKS heart heart You rock!
heart Mizu Torrent heart Thanks!!!!
heart Kikyo202 heart <---She has a great thread you can bump and take a quiz on. Go to it sometime.

Thunderboltx... You keep trying to donate and I really appreciate it, but I'm not taking it! End of story! xd

NeoShadowV2 is different because he donated not gold but time to helping get me up to the same level he was in zOMG.

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And finally... I'M CHUFFED TO BITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mrgreen


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Report | 11/21/2015 3:35 am


Hello Susan, or Susanita, or miss dudette. ^^ It' has been a heck of a long time. If you don't remember me, that's fine. I you do, all the more smiles on my face.
I find it hard to pick words, as I'm uncertain whether you remember me or not. Regardless, I hope life finds you in good health, and if it does, more good health anyways.
If not, then I implore all the deities of good health to strengthen your vitality, and resolve. Hope your endeavors are proceeding smoothly. razz

Report | 02/24/2013 6:59 pm


Just dropping by to say hey smile
BrokenHearted Asian

Report | 07/01/2012 8:30 am

BrokenHearted Asian

Hey Hershey razz Just checking on you. How've you been??

Report | 10/06/2011 1:00 pm


I luff you too! heart heart

Report | 10/02/2011 11:06 pm


Oh yeah and even though I mentioned this on facebook I just wanted to say I FRECKING MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying

Report | 09/15/2011 7:34 pm


Whooooa hey thar Darth Vader! xd What's goin' on?
BrokenHearted Asian

Report | 09/14/2011 11:44 am

BrokenHearted Asian

'ello hershey girl biggrin you know how disappointed i was when i said "dudette" to a girl and she doesnt understand?

Report | 09/11/2011 2:04 pm


Well I know the name now, but at first because of several places its gotten me confused, since some restaurants and stuff carry the name of a street and that made me think that the name of the street was the name of the area. mad p

I think I meant to say that coming here and seeing several places has inspired new ideas, haha. Yes, and that number only slightly increased from last time due to diving into new ideas to further expand the world of my stories. Like I said Susan, its no mandatory, just when you can and feel up to it. Nice, Japanese, one of the language that I find intriguing, blaugh How is the Jap language learning coming along?

I meant to say that I want to do and see more stuff before I sink my hands into doing work, I have yet to start that, but I want to be sure plenty, and enjoy whatever else I can here, (namely running in the area of nature)

Good to know that your classes are not weighing you down, though if one does come to do that, then you initiate the challenge mode. Still cruising the gentle waves of the work your current classes have to offer is enjoyable. Awesome, that's great to know the buddies are there, and that you are making new friendships. Right, I remember that you were telling me about studying abroad. I'm sure you will be accepted to Chile since you did exceptional your previous year, right? Yeah same here, I'm actually feeling hopeful.

Report | 09/04/2011 1:52 pm


Hey Susan, just wanted to say hello and ask how you are doing?

I wanted to tell you earlier, but I'm in Washington now, not Seattle exactly, but another city, I forgot the name of the city, but you would think being here for several weeks would have said something about the city.

I've seen so many things that I can tell you inspired my stories. I've written more pages as far as the days go. I am up to 250 pages on my main stories, and the other stories are coming along as well.

There are other side dishes I wish I could taste, but I guess you probably can guess what I mean by that.

Hope things are going good for you now that you are in school. Make it through Susan, you are college material without a doubt in mind. wink
BrokenHearted Asian

Report | 09/04/2011 8:15 am

BrokenHearted Asian

hey chocolate girl, i'm officially fish now! biggrin i'm in the class of 2015 surprised


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