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Yo, 22 now, I am actor and I got big dreams only fools would chase after, so if you're a fool then you're my friend. I love to role play because well it's just like acting if you think about it. I'm a cool guy once you get to know me but I'll let you find that out for yourself if you are interested, if not well thanks for stopping by my profile, one day I'd hope to sit and kick back with you. See ya later.

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NeonHokapoo Report | 07/05/2017 2:28 pm
I'm doing good. Glad to hear you're doing good. Whatcha up to?
NeonHokapoo Report | 07/05/2017 10:22 am
Kess! o: How are you?
Kiero Ashkore Report | 03/29/2017 5:34 pm
Kiero Ashkore
Lol, Yeah that is very true. Well, that is an interesting bit of info that I did not know. At least you have a reason to enjoy time off. As for me, most of my friends tend to work way different hours so it is hard to really set anything up, but when they do I am normally the designated driver for the simple reason that I do have a vow to never drink. You see, I work graveyard shift currently, so that limits the time which I have to work with if I still want to get eight hours of sleep. However, I have nothing to complain about compared to your schedule, lol.
Kiero Ashkore Report | 03/29/2017 9:58 am
Kiero Ashkore
I can understand, lol. Just not something I would enjoy myself. I do not drink, but my friends and I tend to be gamers, though one of them gets very angry when he is drunk. It can be funny at times, but we try not to get him mad too much as he has been known to punch through walls. Anyways, can not ever say I streamed anything I have played myself due to the fact I do not have good enough internet for such a thing. It is interest to hear you do it though. Why the 10-12 hours a week anyways? Overtime or just the job?
Kiero Ashkore Report | 03/28/2017 8:57 pm
Kiero Ashkore
Hmm...sounds boring. I would not be able to stand a week's worth of vacation, let alone three. I would have to do something, if only to get out of my apartment, lol.
Kiero Ashkore Report | 03/28/2017 9:06 am
Kiero Ashkore
Eh, not much. Just going through the week as it comes by. What about you?
Kiero Ashkore Report | 03/23/2017 8:42 pm
Kiero Ashkore
I'd be included to agree. However, our choices make us what we are, right? C++ is not too bad, but Java is just a pain to work with as it does not have as much freedom as C++. Although, learning how a website works can help a little in this regard. Anyways, so how goes your studies in theater? I know I was only good at it because my friends were.
Kiero Ashkore Report | 03/23/2017 8:53 am
Kiero Ashkore
Yeah, it can be indeed a challenge to say the least. However, it does help that I always have had an interest in computers and coding. The odd thing is, back in high school, I use to be in theater, drama, and art club, lol. That is why I do not find it surprising when someone likes it. I use to have fun with my friends doing that type of stuff, but I hardly do anything like that anymore. I do, however, still sketch when I have the time.
Kiero Ashkore Report | 03/21/2017 5:23 pm
Kiero Ashkore
Information in technology, majoring in programming. Been trying to earn this degree for nearly five years now? Anyways, I can only hope in the end, it is worth it.
Kiero Ashkore Report | 03/21/2017 5:22 pm
Kiero Ashkore
Why not is the question? Truly I was looking at your profile and saw it was on your wishlist. No more reasoning than beyond that, lol.

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