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Marce is my sweety-pie, Az is a little sis. Ry is annoying, and Ad is my quiet bro.

Avie art.

"Prepare for the power
of my poison Pokemon!"

E L I T E #2 H E R O

Oh hey! Nice to meet ya, Challenger! The name's Hero. Care for a Pokemon battle?
Better be careful though.
My friends and I 'ill make you feel weak at the knees from our Toxic moves.
Better have some Antidote on hand!

Name: Hero Tresler | Age: 20 | Hometown: Ekurteak City
Personality: Fierce fighter (battling) | Friendly | A little short tempered | Nervous (not battling)

Appearance: Hero is a tall man standing at 6'4. He wears a red and gold bandanna (without it his hair is spiked), dark gray pants and a dark red and gold jacket.
He has some facial hair on his chin but for the most part keeps himself presentable.
Hero smokes. Mostly during a battle. An odd habit that earned him the nickname - "The Toxic Smoker."

✖ Things you need to know


Hero is a laid back man that loves to spend time with his Pokemon and get stronger. He's extremely friendly. Most people automatically like him upon meeting him. He may look like a tough guy but he's really a big softy. Knowing to have anxiety problems. He tries his best to not show it, especially around a pretty girl or his challengers. He likes to joke around and be funny with his friends but knows when he needs to stop and get serious.

He was born in Johto, but traveled around the world in search of new Pokemon. He ended up in Itro a few years ago. He then met Marcelline (the Itro Champion) a year after he arrived. Marcelline soon found out that Hero was stronger than many of the Gym Leaders in Itro, and decided to ask if he would like to join the Elite 4. Hero of course accepted. He became fast friends with the rest of the Elite fighters. They are all best friends to this day.

From the start of his journey, the Ekurteak Gym Leader, Morty, gave Hero a shiny Gastly, to which he became fast friends with; now a Gengar that never goes into a Pokeball. You can always see him by Hero's side. Hero's "Elite Team" consists of Pokemon that he has trained with for many years. They are his best fighters and extremely loyal to their friend/master.
Unknown Trainer
Champion Marcelline
Elite Azure
Hero Elite
Elite Boris

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