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Art That I've Recived

Avi Art
[x] by koalapuke

[x] by Hiicup

[x] by Hingg

[x] by ampthetv

[x] by Vader van de vrede

Couple Art
[x] by Xeresia

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Registered: 08/26/2008

Gender: Male

Location: Bay Area

Birthday: 05/03

Occupation: Animal Care


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I like memes, cartoons, Love Live and Star Wars.

Name: Sonia
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Age: 24
Sign: Taurus
Ethnicity: Mexican
Sexuality: Stone Butch Lesbian
Favorite Colors: Shades of Greens, Blues and Reds

I currently work for a VCA Animal Hospital out here in the Bay Area as an Animal Care. Means my day at work consists of walkin' doggos and lovin' on kit kats. I've got a little punk of a bun bun named Thumper.
(Yeah yeah, not original, I know. I was rushed, okay?) He's a tough little guy and I love him.

Play games? Add me.
Skype: seiyakins
Discord: Seiyakins#4649
Steam: Seiyakins
BattleTag: Seiyakins#1731 <- I'm almost always playing Overwatch
NintendoID: seiyakins55
XboxLive User: Seiyakins55
Pewdiepie's Tuber Sim: Seiyakins
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La Vie En Rose 【Anna】


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Questing free couple art of me and Her Bonnibel.
♥November 13th, 2010♥
Art by Xeresia

Her Bonnibel