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Her Core

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Last Login: 12/25/2010 1:53 am

Birthday: 03/14/1992

Its Me.

Her Core is basically the essence and core of everyone.
I'm fun, loving, caring, easy going, relaxed and completely lovable.
So sit back, put your hands on the keyboard and type away, because I'm so easy to talk to, you'll enjoy it more than your favorite food. ;]

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - Fear of long words.

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[the best aviart ever, i did not draw this, my best friend did, i'd name her, but i dont want people bashing her for aviart :]

MY Gaia History

I came to this site in late 2003. I remember Go-Gaia. But I dont remember when it became GaiaOnline.
I was on my 03 account for maybe a week. Then I left. That account is lost now. I dont remember anything about it.
I came back in mid- 04. Made a new account. Was active on it for maybe a month. Quit, changed the name to jibberish and left. That account is also lost.
A Friend reminded me about the site in 2005. So I came back to talk to her through this site. Made a new account. Made a few more accounts. [I have about 4 accounts from 05 I can access and 15 I cannot]
In 2006 I decided to leave again, since I was no longer friends with the person who brought me back here. Did a give away thread. Left.
Came back early-mid- 07. Really started stuff up again with a new account and the old accounts I could get into.
THIS account is the one I made when I came back in 2007.
I am an older member, who remembers only some of what Gaia use to be like. I remember few old layouts, and some old functions, have few old items, and such.
Flor Kori