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Heyy! Welcome to my profile!

My names Henry, I'm 15 years young, and get along with anybody pretty quickly. Most people say I'm too quiet and too shy , but around my friends, I'm a crazy animal that cannot be controlled. Here are a few facts about me ^-^.

- My birthday is on Feb. 11, 1995
- I'm a Jersey and New York boy
- My dream is to win American Idol, I have a heavenly... Destructive voice ;D
- I'm in love with Taylor Swift
- I love to wear hoodies
- I LOVE strawberries, give me one and I'll do whatever you want
- I get addicted to anything pretty quickly
- I'm a night owl
- I think sleep is overrated
- My favorite color is purple, black, light green and red
- I live in a crappy country called Ecuador .-.
- I enjoy skateboarding, but suck at it
- I LOVE my hair, if you try to harm it in anyway, I will literally kill you <3
- I can merchant in about any game
- I dislike math... A lot
- I love science... A lot
- I hate animal abuse, so help you God if I see you kicking a dog...
- I own 2 dogs, Chi-Chi (My demon) and Luna (My Angel)... Back in the US ):
- I own 2 cats
- I'm a size 8 in shoes ^-^
- I'm bilingual, I speak English and Spanish quite fluently,
- I'm learning Japanese
- I'm Honduran and Ecuadorian
- Kidrobot, American Eagle, H&M, G-Star and Hot Topic are the BEST stores in the world.
- Gears of War 3, Mw3, and the Halo trilogy are THE BEST ever!
- I love when
- I could get annoying sometimes P:
- I love to read
- I collect currency from around the world
- Chocolate = Nasty
- I love converse (Classic). All together, in my years of wearing converse, I have probably owned 35 . At the moment, I own 9 pairs. Brown, Blue, White, Green, Black, Gray, Red, Yellow and Orange.
- I also love Vans
- Class of 09 <3
- I love anime<3
- I like Naruto
- I like Bleach
- I like Zombie Powder
- I like Death Note
- I'm a type of person who doesn't give into peer pressure
- I tend to choke when speaking to random people
- I could wear slippers even in the coldest weather
- I love Winter and Spring
- I enjoy the Harry Potter Series
- Did someone say cake?
- I hate it when I find out something is coming out, 'cause it makes me want to see/play it to a point where I want to die
- During my childhood, I always wanted to be a... NINJA
- I make an account for anything and everything
- I dislike alcoholics very much
- I could beat any... I mean ANY game in less than a week (;
- If you ever have been my friend, I would never forget you
- I <3 you
- Why is it that every team I wanted to win the world cup... ended up losing? .-.
- I want to be abducted by aliens
- I've always dreamed of living in Japan
- I have owned almost every game system
- I want to own a car and drive so badly

That's all I could think of now, thanks for reading ^-^

Have a Ps3 and play on the Playstation network?
Add me! My ID is "HenryHavoc"

Goodbye! (>^-^)>

Favorite Bands/Artists

Every Avenue
The Ready Set
Cobra Starship
The Academy Is
Escape The Fate
Bring Me The Horizon
Attack Attack!
Panic! At The Disco
Motion City Soundtrack
All Time Low
Stephen Jerzack
Stereo Skyline!
The Maine
Lorene Drive
Hit The Lights
The Used
The White Tie Affair
A Rocket To The Moon
The Cab
Mayday Parade
Cute Is What We Aim For
Owl City
Melody Fall
Metro Station
Linkin Park
Pierce The Veil
A Day To Remember
New Found Glory
My American Heart
Artist Vs. Poet
The Audition
Automatic Loveletter
Breathe Carolina
We The Kings
A Skylit Drive
Plain White T's
Senses Fail
The Medic Droid
Blink 182
Love She Wrote
Jeffree Star
Danger Radio
Jack's Mannequin
Hey Monday
Sing It Loud
A Static Lullaby
The Starting Line
Asking Alexandria
A Bird A Sparrow
Boys Like Girls
I eat lightning
Candyland Arcade

Music For Your Entertainment

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Birthday: 02/01/1995

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iEatZombehs-x3 Report | 08/12/2010 8:17 am

My friend recently got me into The Ready Set. x3
I start school next week. Dx
Haha, that's fine. :3
And, I'll talk to you later.(:
Jill_Kill_Lunatia Report | 08/12/2010 6:07 am
Hehe it's okai! 4laugh
My name is Bella, i'm from Denmark. 3nodding
anyway, hope we can be friends.
kurohana-chan Report | 08/11/2010 9:48 pm
Not even gold and silver can

Yay more people on skype. haha

break the two of us...
Jill_Kill_Lunatia Report | 08/09/2010 12:19 pm
hehe, i think it's very good, the text you have written about your self 4laugh nice profile! you seem like a nice guy.
kurohana-chan Report | 08/05/2010 2:08 pm
Not even gold and silver can

Well I did have aim...and I did have msn....well I have them but I refuse to have the messenger. Aim got boring because not a lot of people use aim around me and msn...well I am avoiding people that I don't want to talk to even if I do block them. I do in fact have skype. lol
I went from yahoo messenger, to aim, to msn, to skype. lol

break the two of us...
KurtisH2 Report | 08/03/2010 6:52 am
hey man hows it going?
sorry its been awhile since i was on
QueasyRainbow Report | 08/03/2010 4:20 am
Salve, Henry. That means hello in latin. Well, salve does. Not Henry.
kurohana-chan Report | 08/02/2010 3:10 pm
Not even gold and silver can

you exaggerate things to much my friend. C:
break the two of us...
kurohana-chan Report | 07/28/2010 7:28 pm
Not even gold and silver can

So regular helium made balloons? haha
My friend mistook those for water balloons at her birthday party once. And they wouldn't pop!!! I threw it on the ground and it just bounced off adn hit me in the head!! A friend try to aim at me but it just hurts and it bounced right off me! haha
OH I DANCED/RAN IN THE POURING RAIN!! ok not pouring rain but there was a lot of rain that day! C;
break the two of us...
iEatZombehs-x3 Report | 07/28/2010 6:46 pm

I was wondering where you went. x3
I'm great(:
And you?

I'll be doing stuff for school soon. ;-;
And, I can't wait to see it. : D