Let's keep it simple....

I'm a university student studying pre-med, that makes me a scientist. I'm an artist that draws comics and art for print, which I love as a side gig. Classic film and music are top notch in my book, as is a lot of the stuff from the 80's. Video games have never gone out of style with me; huge gaming nerd. I love technology and building things like machinery, computers and other neat gadgets. I've always liked cats, but was never allowed to have one.

My biggest interest aside from medicine is French language and culture, so if you know any French you're cool with me. Usually I'm very friendly, so don't hesitate to talk to me idly. Some of the things I like most in someone is uniqueness, assertiveness and quirkyness. I'm here for fun, friends and the occasional randomness. If you know me already, then the rest of the details are already known to you probably.

NOTE: Much of the above is true, much of it no longer; the above was typed years ago. I discovered my career as a Biochemist in doing my pre-med track, so now I spend time synthesizing things, studying Immunology and investing in chemistry research. Still an artist at heart! These days I'm mostly in the SF forum, sharing my views on how to make Gaia better. Mr. Serious Scientist is extremely opinionated and rarely intimidated, but I like a good discussion more than anything. After much time I still enjoy dressing this little guy up, now isn't that silly? whee

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My motto:

Talk is cheap. Go do something.


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Not at all. We just invented a written language too. Our culture is kind of weird I think. Oh and unlike many Asian cultures we are Christians and not communist which is a big deal if you come from any of the Chinese lands. I don't mind the questions people don't know enough not even fellow Hmong since the elders just want to pass on some the traditions not so much the history since its full of drama and pain.

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I'm Hmong-American. First or Second gen I guess. Hmm not sure since my Grandparents and Parents came around the same time. Teaching is fun and yeah most are native but a lot are Spanish speakers so they are ESL like me. It doesn't really matter cause its preschool so language isn't too much of a problem...yet.
Saki Maush

Report | 07/04/2010 10:15 pm

Saki Maush

nice avi
meme viril-e

Report | 07/02/2010 11:42 am


Tu n'es pas là mais je voulais quand même te souhaiter un très bon anniversaire ici xD
monster sprinkle

Report | 04/02/2010 2:07 pm

monster sprinkle

Woot woot premed!
Miss Brunei

Report | 02/15/2010 3:55 pm

Miss Brunei

Hi !I like ur avi and would like to invite you to the Mister Gaia Nations 2010 pageant
It will start in March 21! You must represent a country throughout the pageant.
there will be 4 rounds: National costume, swimwear, formal, and the final question. hope u join!
u can see the list of countries available here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-international/mister-gaia-nations-2010/t.58656887/
Blue Eyed Wallflower

Report | 01/11/2010 4:39 am

Blue Eyed Wallflower

The art on your blog is both sort of cute and really cool. I like it. You're good!
No Its MY Stroganoff

Report | 12/21/2009 5:48 pm

No Its MY Stroganoff

nice avi. o-o

Report | 08/19/2009 11:50 am


nice motto. i'd buy you a kitten.

Report | 08/13/2009 5:33 pm


Oh, really ? mrgreen
Yessssssssssssss !
Caught (half) naked again xD
But it seemed to me that you've been like this for hours, so I thought it was just because you felt like looking very simple for a change, and that it was made to set off the eyes xD
Well, I did my amount of "Gaia homework" for today...
The French say "ciao" a lot too.
Bonne nuit ~
Je verrai demain si tu as trouvé de l'inspiration pour t'habiller... ;p


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