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All Of Me

When the sun falls from light to dark,
the shadows shall come in, fierce as a shark.
Spirits and demons rule the skies,
watching as all the unfortunate dies,
with the world constantly crying with sighs.
Everything is hell from dusk till dawn,
everyone on earth just a pawn.
A greater power though lies in the deep,
thy protectors lie within their keep.
Into the night they protect the earth
from the shadows they do birth.
Their protection allows thy known souls to sleep,
as they destroy everything in the night that does creep.

User Image King Reaper aka The Caller Of The Haunted

User Image Necrolai aka The Dark King Of Gods

User Image Latrommi aka The Hellmarik King

When the shadows dim down and night falls away,
new dangers like to come out to play,
despite the dawn spirits say nay,
for even in the sun you are a prey.
A new greater power comes from her keep,
to grant protection while you no longer sleep.
Angelic light comes from the heavens to earth,
for from out of the light,her home, she does birth.
Her protection alone protects your soul while you wake,
though some of thy lives are all so fake,
your life is all what you write and make.

User ImageSheiralai aka The Angelic Queen and Necrolai's sister

No matter what time, light or dark, your soul is at stake,
but with the great powers, your lives you can make,
though some may be real or fake.
But either way you live your life,
let it be know it will be filled with strife,
some feeling pain as though under the knife.
Yet equality comes occasionally around,
karma sucks for those it has found,
may it be good or bad, but it's bells shall soon sound.

User Image Phantasma aka The Summoner of Beasts

Poetry of Mine

Race of Souls: Heaven VS. Hell
(writen 2 years ago)

Fire, light, and darkness, seranades around,
for the Devil an God each have released their hound.
God, has Gabriel, beautiful, majestic in flight,
while the Devil, with the Grimreaper, bringer of death and fright.

The race is on, but for life, it's the end,
for the race is to collect undead souls to send.
By old ae, disease, anything of the sort,
death has grabbed thee, now, for your life is cut short.

By Gabriel's touch, or Reaper's scythe, death shall come to all,
for the race is lifelong, impossible to stall.
The Grimreaper, dark, frightful, full of deceite,
and Gabriel, not stopping till the race is complete.

And yet, sadly enough, it ended when they tied,
and the reason it ended was that the living had died.
No trees, no life, nothing, since the race has been done,
the only thing left is the light from the Sun.

The devil and God, both depressed, for now the Earth was dead,
so they fixed the problem, ridding themselves of the dread.
They released each soul, each caught from the race,
bringing back life, at last, until next time, where the problem, again, is the race.

My Life
(writen 7/30/09 @ 3 a.m.)

Social life shot,nothing in sight,
family don't understand, nothing but a fight,
though friends do see some form of delight,
in all reality,life is nothing but a fright.
All friends with diplomas, jobs, college coming around,
none of that though for me can be found,
for everyone I know, life's bell came to sound,
they stopped ringing, my life torn, burned to the ground.
What am I to do, no answers to say,
life seems to be gone, forever and a day,
R.I.P. Hopes And Dreams, there they will lay,
no longer lit by the sun and it's ray.
Everything I do seems to blow up in my face,
what am i to do to solve this case,
family won't listen just hold back my pace,
with depression burning me like mace.
Time is wasteing away with each passing hand,
time is wasteing away with each fallen grain of sand,
before the final farwell is played by the band,
the answers to my problems I wish to land.
What have i done to be sentenced such strife,
what chapter misread in my book of life,
that chapter, my deffence, my weapon, my knife,
which I'll use to cut away the darkness, depression, and strife.
Oh for what am I to do,
avout this life that is so blue,
the answers to my problems i wish i knew,
before the time comes, and I become a Boo.

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Tinkerbella456 Report | 03/20/2010 7:41 pm
Yeah I'll admit I Still Love u too<3 those feelings r still there U where my first Love. Justin I just don't kno i never felt so confused
My Real Name is King Kong Report | 03/02/2010 11:42 am
My Real Name is King Kong
hey bro its rei
Isis-Egypto Report | 10/29/2009 7:10 am
Born 4 Music Report | 10/23/2009 6:14 pm
Born 4 Music
hey wat up
Major Sesshomaru Report | 08/13/2009 10:45 am
Major Sesshomaru
[color=red] a friend sent me this, i thought you might think it was funny[/color]

________8888OO88OO88OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO88888888888_ 88
__888__MOOOOOOOOOOOOM8888O888888888888OOOOmOOMm88888 888888___8888
___88__MOOOOOOOOOOOO8888O88888888888888888OOOOOOMm8 88888_____888
Total Cat Girl Report | 07/22/2009 10:02 pm
Total Cat Girl
User Image
Total Cat Girl
Little Tornado
Jet Saige
Major Sesshomaru
The Guardian of Kandrakar

Hello all this is my family;Serenetyxlove is my cousin, Total Cat Girl, Little Tornado, and Isis-Egypto are my sisters through and through till da end, Kandrakar is a friend and Jet Maru is a very close friend and as such part of the family. If you try and pull anything well fighting us is no good and fighting me well lets just say nightmare is an understatment I AM DA GRIMREAPER AND TRUST ME I AIN'T A PUSHOVER