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Hey, thanks for visiting my profile.
Name is Randy; 27 yr old male. Gaia Veteran.

- Lonely old soul; normally friendly as long as you're respectful/use basic courtesies & do not wish to cause drama.

- Almost every person I've ever truly considered a friend/have cared for/loved & treasured, both online and IRL, are no longer in my life...

- The extremely small list I have left that I care about, I will be loyal to until then end, would give the shirt off my back for if I could, and love them unconditionally- no matter the distance & no matter how often or rarely I get to hear from them.

- Please do not randomly PM/friend request me unless you are over 18 or we've talked before.

- If I've removed you from my Friends List, it's likely due to not recognizing your name after a few months & are welcome to friend request again (worse that happens is I deny the request).

- I have Discord (no longer use Skype); PM me for to exchange Discord information.

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Book of Broken Dreams

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Galaxy Art of Freakazoiid and I By Huozai Hou
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