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♥.Childishly mature
♥.Angry yet calm
♥.No lies
♥.Deja vu
♥.Teenage drama queen
♥.Can normally be found in GD
♥.IRL can be found in london
♥.Online can mostly be found on myspace.com/silverymist
♥.Barely goes on gaia anymore so if you wanna chat add on myspace
♥. I'm an amateur photographer, check out my myspace:
♥. Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, but its the highest form of intelligence
♥.I live to patronise
♥.I have problems with authority

~Panic! At The Bisto~ heart - 100 gold, Bunny Tail, Hockey Mask, G Shades yellow, Single Blue Daisy - Bouquet

klownstalker heart - 400 gold, Blue Paper Headband x3, Basic Fishing Rod

girl_with_the_flow - 1200 gold

Moharii - 500 gold

Cyanide_Dreamer - 825 gold

Mr. Mitternacht - 1773 gold

Shiblets - Single Sunflower - bouquet

Ra!nyFace - 1000 gold

beergod25 - Space Monster Mask, Easter bunny shirt, Bunny Tail, Easter 2k6 chicky tie, Easter 2k6 Bunny Tie, Carrot Plush

klownstalker heart - Sun Staff
womans purple nurse shirt, purple nurse skirt, purple medical shoes, Morgana's Gloves, Heart shaped box of sweets

Nitroglycerin Love - 150 gold

tahnn69 - 377 gold

Kullsabre - 1890 gold

[Ashes]is[Ashes] - 1300 gold

Rabbit-eyes - 180 gold

Ominus O.D.N - 1000 gold, Complex band (Female), Crossed Sports Bra, KoNfUzEd MoNoChRoMe ToE SoX

heart jokerpawn heart - Bouncy Antennae, Nurses Hat, Hockey Mask, Heart Shaped Box of Sweets, Red Candy Striped Stocking, Ballin' Black Head Gear

Akira_Hanari_16 - 70 gold

[T]adakatsu heart - Prism Butterfly Mantilla heart

Duke-Royale Lord Den - Nurses Hat

signalflair - 400 gold

Merciella - 10 tokens, 100 gold

Mater Togo - 750 gold

Monkeysinme - 200 gold

ErisedDawnBlack - 200 gold

JT Cool - 1 gold

tahnn69 - 1500 gold

Crispy Wonton Crunchy – 13 bachelors credits, Retro Bar Stool, yellow workout ball, Blue Kitchen Clock, Strawberry Cheesecake, Single sunflower – red bouquet

Enky-chan – Flower Crown, ORLY? Hat. Flower on my head, Hay Ginner Top, Light Punctured Plaid button-up, Grunny Shirt, Red Net Top, Don’t ask don’t tell grey shirt, G-LOL Dark Dollie Shoes, Classic Partition Top, Whatever black heart top, Dark Slate Gunner Boots, 924 tickets, 203 tokens.

wreck' - 900 gold.

Gutya.net - 4000 gold.

jomama69 - 420 tokens, 82 tickets.

[liopleurodon] - Mochi Puppy.

Kinyana - 10,000 gold.

Mr Right Now - 8000 gold

Lauranthalis - 1000 gold.

Shadow_Doubt - 1000 gold

kecua - Bunny Luv

Sorriku07121 - Cig

'converse - 1200 gold

golden-duckie - 1025 gold

girl_with_the_flow - Mythic Hair

J A P A N ! F O U R - Spirited scarf

f** = ******** AWESOME GUY - hell-childe made this up, Do NOT steal it.

Hell-childe would like to be a gay man in her next life


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Confessions of a teenage drama queen

what the title suggests


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Report | 06/05/2011 3:53 pm


Random comment! You have a really long wishlist.

Report | 04/13/2011 7:46 am


You have been inactive, and I have to clean my friend list. If you want to add me back, please do.

Report | 05/28/2010 6:38 am


Happy Birthday!!! (I'm not on tomorrow)

Hope you have a good day
xMaka Is Crazy For Soulx

Report | 05/29/2008 6:01 pm

xMaka Is Crazy For Soulx

Happy late B-Day~! ^^

Virtual hugs from me. <3
Giniro Kara

Report | 05/28/2008 9:53 pm

Giniro Kara

happy birthday...(^_^)
That Kyro Freed

Report | 05/28/2008 9:15 pm

That Kyro Freed

I remember you^^; I'm still on your friends list

Report | 04/15/2008 11:18 am


soz my bad didn't mean to post 2 of the same comments

Report | 04/15/2008 11:04 am


i hate myspace i'm such a loner on it

Report | 04/15/2008 11:01 am


i hate myspace i'm such a loner on it

Report | 04/15/2008 10:59 am


lol this is random


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