Hey there kiddies! I'm Heisei, the one and only. Also known as Sam. Call me Sam. I prefer Sam. Don't call me Heisei. I'm going to say this later on, so you've been warned.

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Yay for Halloween pictures! I was "White Trash!"

Before I get to all the other good stuff about me, lets get a few things straight:

1. You can pronounce my name however the bloody hell you want. He-say, Hey-say, Heh-see, He, etc. If it all confuses you, feel free to call me Sam. Call me Sam call me Sam call me Sam. Please and thank you.
User Image2. My frequented forums are the AT and the GCD. Avatars and friendly discussion/conversation are the reasons I came to the forums, and I'm sticking to my roots.
3. I hate chatspeak, 1337, and all
the like.
4. Avatars are awesome. Red and black isn't a cliche color combonation. Donation item whoring is bad. Setting isn't good in large quantities, and should be kept to a minimum (it's even better if you can fool your raters into thinking you aren't setting). People bias towards items/color combonations, and rate lower if you are wearing them, ******** suck and should get out of AT. AT newbies = AT oldbies. Don't rate higher than others because they are prominent or are your friend. 6/10 is an above average score, stop bitching. Nothing deserves a 10/10. Play nice.

I've been on Gaia for over two years now, and am still here for some reason. While my interest in the website itself has diminished since first joining, I still retain a high interest in it, so I don't think I'll be permanently leaving anytime soon. Everything about the User Imagewebsite is intriguing, and will always remain as one of my more favorite hangouts during the day, despite my lack of attendence. And being the anti-social person I am in real life, its nice to let out my real emotions and words out to the rest of you, the way I wish I could express offline.

Off Gaia, I'm just your la
zy, run of the mill, average joe. I go to school (highschool senior!), come home, play games/hang out with friends/etc, do my homework, sleep, wash rinse repeat. And thats it. I'm a pretty artsy person, so I'm usually found drawing or writing during my free time. As far as video games go, I stick to the only genre which I've ever loved, which happen to be RPGs. I'll play other stuff, but I love my RPGs with the intensity of a thousand suns.

Anything else you need to know? Drop me a line. I love PMs from random people in need of a conversation, especially those who frequent the same forums I do. Its good to have some common ground.

Anyway, thanks to all my friends who've stuck with me throughout these two crazy years on Gaia, and here's to continuing our ever growing friendships. You guys are the best, and are honestly the number one reason I stay active. Keep it real, folks.
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Ignore the text above! The dancing, pixelated Rafael commands you to give Sam comments! (So does the Grunny that I stole ninja )

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This used to be in my sig, but it got banned because the file size was too big. So then I had to pay a whole 10 gold to restore my signature and fix it.

My quest is ruined.
Thanks admins. xd


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Heisei's Book of Whatever the Hell He Wants it to Be.

Heisei is pronounced however you want it to be pronounced.

Tips, raves, rants, you name it, i've got it. Actually, those three things are basically all I've got. So enjoy the hell out of it, you hippies!



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boop boop

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oh hey

how's life?

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Happy Birthday!

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*keeps watching*
Shaun Holder

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Shaun Holder

Happy early bday though it seems you haven't logged on in a while.

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*watches you* User Image
World Anarkhia

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World Anarkhia

I met you a long time ago... Back when you won spotlight on the front page.

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I must say you have some amazing taste in music <3.

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haha cool!


I'm Sam, and I play as Diddy Kong.
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