I like blood.
I love manga but my favorits are: Tsubasa, RG VEDA, Choidits, X/199, Fushigi Yugi, Fruits Basket, ranma 1/2, Fullmetal Alchmist, and Maison Ikkoku.
I like almost all muisc.
my hobbies are reading, mooooooooing, waching movies, and doing nothing.
I also like poetry!

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
by Mercedes Lackey

It was a dark and stormy night - or so the Heralds say -
And lightning striking constantly transformed the night to day.
The thunder roared the castle round - or thusly runs the tale -
And rising from the Northeast Tower, there came a fearfun wail.

It was no beast nor banshee that, the castle folk knew well'
No prisoner in agony, nor demon trapped by spell,
No ghost that mourned in penance, nor soul in mortal fright -
Twas just the Countess "singing" - for she practiced every night.

The Countess was convinced that she should have been a Bard
and thus she made the lives of those within her power hard.
For they must listen to her sing and smile at what ther heard,
And swear she had a golden voice that rivalled any bird.

The Countess was convinced that she had wedded 'neath her state
And so the worst lot fell upon her meek and mild mate.
Not only must the Count each night endure her every song,
But suffer silent her abuse, be blamed for every wrong.

It was a dark and stormy night - or so the Bards aver -
And so perhaps that was the reason that there was no stir
When suddenly the "music" ceased; so when Dawn raised its head,
Within the Tower servants found the Countess stiff and dead.

The Heralds came at once to judge if there had been foul play.
They questioned all most carefully to hear what the would say.
And one fact most astonishing to them quickly came to light -
That every moment of the Count was vouched for on that night.

The castle folk, by ones and twos, came forward on their own
To swear the Count had never once that night been all alone.
So though the Tower had been locked tight, with two keys to the door.
One his, one hers; the Count of guilt was plain absolved for sure.

At length the Heralds pronounced her death as suicide.
And all within the district voiced themselves quite satisfied
It was a verdict, after all, that none wished to refute -
Though no one could imagine why she'd tried to eat her lute.


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your never on anymore!
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Hey. What anime is that youtube? It looks awesomely awesome.

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'tis better to have
loved and lost
than to never have
loved at all.

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