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I am an awesome person...more to edit later <3 coding done by drakokatze love you babe...


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DarkestPappreka Report | 03/31/2018 1:28 am
Aww thanks lovely, nothing new at all?
havent seen you do any art recently. You still drawing at all?
the ecchi otaku Report | 03/23/2018 6:24 am
the ecchi otaku
well i guess my gender bending avis for female avis to be male worked wonders XD

though right now im supporting an item i think you might have wanted or have already got. the cygnus item with recolored skin.
the ecchi otaku Report | 03/22/2018 4:04 pm
the ecchi otaku
hehehe well did you even notice i changed my avi male too did it back around the berserk guts cosplay. so quiet a while now ive been male like over a month and half XD

and yes i noticed your bald cause of that very reason you always have a wig on XD
the ecchi otaku Report | 03/22/2018 1:34 pm
the ecchi otaku
*looks at your avi pauses for a moment.........then shouts*
H3av3n Report | 03/21/2018 6:50 pm
Thank you!
H3av3n Report | 03/21/2018 6:38 pm
Thank you!
H3av3n Report | 03/21/2018 6:25 pm
Props to you! I can never make male avis
H3av3n Report | 03/21/2018 6:19 pm
Love the avi heart
DarkestPappreka Report | 03/18/2018 12:00 pm
I'm doing well thanks. Got married beginning of the year.
Hows you?
drakokatze Report | 03/08/2018 6:50 pm
aw man, sorry to hear it hun D: *snuggles a ton and gives cookies* glad things are a little better now smile

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