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If you're visiting my profile, you probably want to know a bit about me.

My name is Anastasia (you may call me that if you're comfortable doing so), and I'm in my twenties (for now). I started Gaia back in early '06 and I've had at least two accounts (the first one disappeared, somehow. Or maybe it got hacked -- it's unclear). I'm an Aquarius and my birthday is February 10th -- my birthstone is an amethyst, which I'm very thankful for.

I have a variety of interests that sort of shift all the time, but generally I like to watch Asian dramas and high fantasy shows, or supernatural shows in general. My true passion is writing creatively and interactively (see: roleplay), and I've always been a writer. I'm also very into researching random topics and learning new things all the time.

I'm Latina, and although I was born in a Latin country, I moved to the United States at a very young age and have been American ever since (though I'm not exactly proud of it, I do appreciate the opportunities and safety this country has offered me; something that my birthplace would have never accommodated). Due to being Latina, I'm also Hispanic; I speak Spanish and English fluently, and clearly, I can read and write both. I also speak, read, and understand Italian, but it is conversational at best and even then I have issues understanding Italians when they speak in Italian to me.

I'm Wiccan, but I'm currently not a practicing witch (though I did practice in the past). My matron goddess is Hecate, the Triple Goddess. I identify most with the Maiden, and not because of my young age.

My Gaia avis are usually inspired by the Estonian Bubble Goth songstress Kerli, as well as mythological goddesses such as Selene, Artemis, Hecate (the Greek and Roman version). My avis are also inspired by witches and the 'witch aesthetic', as well as the 'goth' aesthetic.

I myself am not a goth or very 'witchy' IRL, but sometimes I just dress that way without thinking.

I'd describe myself as tempered (usually), considerate, and willing to listen.

Also, hi, this is me:
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ll Lady Lilith ll Report | 07/29/2021 4:37 am
ll Lady Lilith ll
Just stopping by to say I love your avi heart
Also, lets me friends !
Alternis Dim Report | 04/30/2021 12:18 pm
Alternis Dim
Sup, here to bug you because you can never get rid of a bro like me smile
Ouja Akuma Report | 04/03/2021 8:30 pm
Ouja Akuma
Omg thank you ;w;
Your avi is amazing too!!
Sinful Goth Report | 03/06/2021 10:10 am
Sinful Goth
Thank you for buying one of my creations heart
CynicalWitch Report | 02/14/2021 7:02 am
crying ty so much!!!!
CynicalWitch Report | 02/13/2021 6:14 pm
No probleeemm! ;]
Joyless Deception Report | 01/25/2021 3:53 am
Joyless Deception
I see =3 Must be enjoyable enough then.
Joyless Deception Report | 01/22/2021 5:25 pm
Joyless Deception
I'll add it to my list. I watch non-kdramas whenever I can't 100% focus on subs. Looking away for even a second can make you miss what was said DX

You don't make it sound stellar though LOL
Joyless Deception Report | 01/22/2021 7:59 am
Joyless Deception
Seriously, she has the same expression in all of her scenes. Just terrible. If she wasn't the lead I could probably get past it, but she is.

Oh! I like it. I haven't messed with profiles in, like, 10 years XD

Well, that's not too bad. Like Sabrina, which was watchable for a season and a half.
Joyless Deception Report | 01/21/2021 11:41 pm
Joyless Deception
I forgot that I went on about Space Sweepers so I thought you were talking about how depressing The Moon Embracing The Sun seemed like it would be lol.

Lol I know of Winx Club, but never watched it. Maybe it'll be good?

I think I might drop The Moon Embracing The Sun though, the first 6 eps had a younger cast, then they time jumped 8 years so there's no older cast. And the female lead is painfully bad. I've watched 5 eps since and don't think I can watch anymore. Even my love for Kim Soo Hyun isn't enough to make me want to watch another 9 episodes crying