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Report | 07/23/2007 8:53 pm


lol okaii

i trust you User Image
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Report | 07/23/2007 8:50 pm

Jazmine Romance

awhs, is that still fars? D':

iam visiting some family & prob gonna be there for a week.

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Report | 07/23/2007 8:48 pm


I think I'm probably the only member. User Image But you can join if you want. User Image
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Report | 07/23/2007 8:37 pm


oh so you know her?

i'm her other half User Image


don't steal her away from me, aight User Image

lol jk
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Report | 07/23/2007 8:28 pm

Jazmine Romance


ayeaye, in a few days i'm going to be in le fresno. :0
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Report | 07/23/2007 8:27 pm


thats totally teh same with me.

goddamn n00bs. D:

i try not to flame.

no matter how much it hurts.

i shine ******** sunshine and rainbows as much as possible. >.<

lmao yush. =)

i bet. ;D


fer sure man. User Image

[.Sugar Rush.] ish totally in love with gazette.

and not to mention she ish teh bomb. User Image

hahah =)
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Report | 07/23/2007 8:20 pm



yush ravioli

i'm a dork =)

hahah thats great

i'm made of randomness

but i don't go, "OMG!!11 IM 2 RANDIM LOLOL"


the ******** was i gonna say?

oh yah

oh em gee~

taht ish teh coolest way of saying it evah!!!!!!!!!!!!

...srry. xDDD

i say "carml"

i feel like a loser User Image

i'm srry for my loserness
Jazmine Romance's avatar

Report | 07/23/2007 8:12 pm

Jazmine Romance

srslys we shoulds!

omans, i lub tashiii lotslotslots.

bbymakingtimeee. xD
Jazmine Romance's avatar

Report | 07/23/2007 8:07 pm

Jazmine Romance

ah, i see.

omans, i rly like tashi lots. O:
[EndlessLove]'s avatar

Report | 07/23/2007 7:21 pm


lol its okaii.

i forgive you.

but now my stomach hurts.

don't worry though.

its because i ate too much ravioli.


it was good. User Image

i love sweet popcorn.

i like it more than the regular kind.

i've never had caramel popcorn.

which makes me think.

do you say, "carml" or, "care a mel"

that was random. =/
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Report | 07/23/2007 4:38 pm


Weird O.o well I rewatched you just incase, probably my net security being stupid again *smacks it* D: > And Hide and Go Seek Whores, Pine aka Ashu told me ALL about that before XDDD I loved it. ANDERBEEEEE D:
[EndlessLove]'s avatar

Report | 07/23/2007 3:36 pm



damn you User Image

now i'm craving kettle corn
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Report | 07/23/2007 3:11 pm


YESH xD I do and I watch you. I'm Rosiana on D.A D: > Woo xD BTW love your layout, it spits colors
Rosiana's avatar

Report | 07/23/2007 12:34 pm


Saw the D.A Link xDDD Only reason whyyyy

D: > I Love crazzeeeh people lmao. xD
Rosiana's avatar

Report | 07/23/2007 10:34 am


Aren't you that girl who drew some weird crack on deviantART O: Riot right? xDDD
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Report | 07/22/2007 8:51 pm



thats yummy User Image
easy eggs's avatar

Report | 07/22/2007 9:00 am

easy eggs

8D User Image
Kuro-neko-chan's avatar

Report | 07/22/2007 5:49 am


awwww *hugs n kisses* how did u get those sweet hearts in there?

Report | 07/21/2007 8:40 pm


That would be "Anata No Tame No Kono Inochi".

No WAI did I memorize that but I found it! User Image


Report | 07/21/2007 12:30 pm


Ahh thanks! (>//< wink

AHH you changed it again! SO AWSUM User Image

GAHH, I love that Ruki animation, haha (^^)
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