About Me

Hey there you can call me heavens or HP as some prefer. im a 26 year old American male. i work at Taco Bell. i have been a member of gaia since 03. Im a Fan of Video games. and some of my fave titles are

Elder Scrolls
Twisted Metal
Metal Gear Solid
Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter
and a few more

i dont play Halo or COD so take that s**t somewhere else. i do cosplay at conventions and have met many voice actors like vic mignogna,Caitlen Glass and have even met Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic). if you cant tell i am a fan of Green Lantern and yes i do love my Batman. I watch little tv but favor shows that teach you something like man vs wild,life after people,human weapon,pawn stars and Deadliest Warrior. that being said if i sound interesting and you wanna know more. let me know