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Drawn by Element of Laughter heart
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I drew this picture smile heart

Hello!!! my names Michelle! i live in CA. i love to draw, read, play sports and watch anime!! feel free to comment on my webpage if u want! ^^ or add me as your friend (if u think im cool enough) hee hee! well enjoy my profile and page and well.... yea! LOL

My house: Pm me for the link ^_^ heart

heart LIKES heart
* loving pplz =D
* donations
* giving
* huggs >_<
*music, drawings ^_^
* friends family ect. XD
* ppl who b themselves
* random HYPER PPL (like mies C: )
* being a christan ^_^
* SEALS XD heart

sweatdrop DISLIKES sweatdrop

* mean rude ppl -_- (make me ill)
* ppl who make fun of others who r different -_-
* hackers >=O
* cussing too much DX
* beggers, n00bs, stalkers
* chain letters >.<
* perverted peeps *talk2hand*
* random friend requests =_=
* ppl who worsip satan (dumb pplz -O-)
* lies and hurting mies >:C
* boring and un-fun ppl

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a s h l e y- o3o drew this ^_^ 3nodding
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um on gaia i hav some really special friends who i would like to talk to you about! one of theyre names are

heart EMILY heart BEST FRIEND! who is first on my list! she was so special to me when i met her in the eighth grade! she has always helped me with my hyperness and stupidity problems lolz *sweat* she has short hair brown, wears glasses, and is alittle fat! just kidding lolz XD LUB YA EMILY!!!!

heart JODI heart my best buddy! shes a really preciouse person to me, and whenever i was sad or not feeling well she told those ppl off and told me to loosen up! she likes to talk on the phone with me alot. and sometimes i help her with her problems too. ^^ i want her to kno that im always there for her ^^ JO MIES LOVES UUUUU

heart MARITA heart one of the greatest friends ive ever had ^^ we hav fun picking on gaia ppl and talking about (romaaan) and alot of crazy stuff ^^ we go to movies and pick on our good friend sarah! :3 she is awsome and always makes me smile. we never get into fights XD HOW EXCITEING XD and she teaches me how to upload photobucket and ipod XD. MARITA I LOVE YA!!! wink

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cool SARAH cool sarah is a really emo and funny XD she makes me laugh even though she tries hard not to be funny XD me and marita and sarah at school always hang out for lunch and me and marita scares her when we talk about wrong rommmaaann stuff. although it bothers her she deals with us wenever she can AND WE LOVE HER FOR IT!!!! U ROCK EMO SARAH! ps. see u at school
^^ wink

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heart BRANCH heart this guy has donated alot of things to me ^_^ and i LOVE HIM FOR IT!!! ^O^ he also let me visit his awsome house and spoke to me all the time ^0^ i hav him on my best friend list b/c hes kind to me and he thinks im a good friend *heart* well branch I THINK UR THE MOST COOLEST GUY FRIEND EVER!!! u rock!!!! thank you sooo much dude!!!! XD AND MIIIIIIIILLLLLKKK!!!! XD

xd JC CHRIS xd this guy is BEOND HILARIOUS!!! XD HES SO FUNNY AND HE ROCKS!!! XD thank you chris u were there for me too ^_^ when i wanted to hang out with some1 and when u needed me and i needed u ^O^ u were there for me too ^^ and thank you chris for hanging out with me in towns too XD UR THE BEST!!!! XD AND MOOOOOOOOO XD

xd JUSTEN xd jodi's boyfriend whos really nice to her and me. he treats his girlfriend with respect and thats what i like! guys should always be true to theyre girl friends ^^ thanks for being nice to me. u rock justen keep on being a good guy ^^ *thumbs up* smile

heart KATIE! heart when i was sad... KATIE was on the phone with me talking to me in a kind voice! katie is also into naruto and she writes stories just like mies ^^ but im just glad that she helped me get thro when we were talking about someone i got into a fight with. -_- but i loooove katie

heart VICTORIA heart shes been my buss buddy and traded manga with me for 1 and 1/2 a year! shes the best !!! ^^ sometimes we fight and i may b hyper and she mayb shy but shes awsome and I LUV HER ^0^

heart ONION heart was so kind to me when i was sad and we went to towns and talked to each other and had alot of fun. tho my real dream so far is to meet her in person and get to kno her alot! rather then speaking on gaia! onion just know that i will always b there for u ^^ I LOVE YOU!!!

heart BABY_BLUESAPPHIRE heart i think she is one of my most precious gaia friends as well. shes has a personality that i really love and i think its sweet that she was always there for me. she is my gaia online sister (^3^) hee hee LOV YA KRISTEN ^^

heart SAUREA heart she is the most mature and funniest friend EVERY! *whee* she is sweet and always tells me to keep my chin up *whee* she likes to play comment storys with me ^_^ and she says i make her laugh her face off alot hee hee *mrgreen* shes the best ^^

heart LEIGHA heart she is sooooo fun and she always pms me and makes me feel like im a very special friend *heart* it always keeps me going XD shes a sweet heart and a bit emo. but that doesnt mean i dont love her ^^ THIS IS A PICTURE OF US!!!! ME AND LEIGHA !WAT WE R LIKE XD
heart MIMI (PINKI) heart hahahaha this girl is as hyper as mies ^0^ shes a sweet person with a personality that i like ^_< shes always smiling and is as funny as i am ^^ and she likes pink! haha (^3^) shes a fun person to meet and be around...well if ur as girly as i am lolz ^^

heart ROB heart Rob rocks ^^ hes the first on my list b/c hes a funny and mature guy who likes to speak with me at night while he is doing his work ^^ he's 28 but he ROCKS XD i mean he talks to me and treats me like a good person and i like to talk to him alot too XD XP so thanx rob u ROCK!!! XD

xd CODY xd cody is a funny and nice guy who sold me his enchanted strings for only 6000 ^_^ =D i thot it was nice of him so i decided that we should b close friends ^_^ i mean hes really cool and i like him alot! hes worthy of being my friend XD he's tight like that XD! UR OFF THE HOOK CODY!

xd MONKEY BOY xd Hes "L wolfeh L" XD hes a awsome dude who is sooo funny rofl the older one, he rocks and i hope someday i could kno him better cause hes cool like mies ^_^ im honored to be his friend! ^O^ MONKEY BOY ROCKS! XD

xd LONLEY BOY xd the younger brother ^^ hes not as hyper and loud as his brother ^^ but hes still a nice guy and i like him for his funny comments and for talking to this wierd gurl XD im proud to b ur friend lonley boy ^_< U RULE!!! XD

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guild I joined ^_^ for rich gaians only! heart

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Jasmine Cosplay! heart If you steal the idea I will hunt you down.

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marikachans memories: the thoughts she had during those times.

hello im marika/michelle and i have many thoughts and feelings that i would like to share with u. no it is not chessy i hope. lol. well enjoy my thoughts and most treasurable memories. ^^

i plan to write about what happened during that time and how i felt.



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red bean bread

Report | 05/18/2013 3:16 pm

red bean bread

Thank you for purchasing! Come again!

Report | 07/16/2012 7:38 pm


heheheh thanks! biggrin my gaia is a noob tho redface
Heavens Angel Goddess

Report | 09/11/2011 12:14 am

Heavens Angel Goddess

Wow it's been so long since I've been on this account lol. Hello to all my old gaia friends. Miss you guys! T^T
hells devil god

Report | 09/25/2010 11:10 pm

hells devil god

Wow it's been awhiel your a senior now right damn i should be a sophmore thats crazy though. Well i would like to keep in contact with you even if i stop playing gaia again.
hells devil god

Report | 09/25/2010 3:37 pm

hells devil god


Report | 09/20/2010 8:40 am


Hey c: Yeah not too bad thanks. Just doing my final year of exams and what not before heading off to university ~ aaah scary stuff.
Sounds interesting. What are you doing at college ?

Haha, the weather ? Erm ... It's so so. Definitely feeling a lot more autumnal .. and cold otl
Big Dreamer544

Report | 07/08/2010 8:56 pm

Big Dreamer544

hey hay hey!! hows life out of high school so far? dang the last week of school was boring with out u guys...i noe it was kind of late saying this, but better late than never. so just thought i would drop by n say hi...HI!! ok well i said it so ....ok smile

Report | 06/29/2010 6:16 am


Can you donate?
The Saiyan Warrior

Report | 06/24/2010 3:57 pm

The Saiyan Warrior

lol Just getting an Achievement but you do have a cool avatar XD
The Saiyan Warrior

Report | 06/24/2010 3:57 pm

The Saiyan Warrior

cool avi


[img:81c2542aad]http://i1361.photobucket.com/albums/r675/AlienWarrior1/IWILLDELETETHISLATERTHX_zpsc7e001f8.png?t=1368937473[/img:81c2542aad] [/img]