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gaia_angelleft About Meh gaia_angelright
I love anime/manga, video games

(horror, jrpg, rpg, platformers, strategy, puzzle, adventure, visual novels…

reading, sketching,

making OC's


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Gwenieviere Report | 08/29/2020 9:24 pm
Hi~ Thanks for the add. yum_chocolatebar
iCo-kie Report | 08/12/2020 9:34 am
I only own one two faced palette, the chocolate bon bons.
the bulk of my shadows is from sugarpill
i have a propalette from them, the little twin start collab, their mini matte shadows palette and their most recent capsule palette
( it's so cool, it's literally shaped like a pill capsule )

i started wearing makeup again during the work week and i only just put shadow on cos duh mask wearing xD
but ive been trying to use only one palette to see what i can come up with
iCo-kie Report | 08/12/2020 8:58 am
oooh i am a sucker for pigmented eyeshadows
i feel like i have entirely Enough to last me a life time
but im always peeping at the newer stuff here and there
iCo-kie Report | 08/12/2020 8:36 am
thank you! i try to curate a feed that goes well together
so collectively it looks cute
heart i am addicted to personalizing/decorating everything i touch
and trying to have my life as cute as possible
iCo-kie Report | 08/12/2020 7:23 am
Followed you! emotion_kirakira
iCo-kie Report | 08/12/2020 6:20 am
i do!
i use it as a journal mostly to record outfits i wear and pictures of my figures. i just recently started sharing fanart.
i post that on fridays xD fanart friday!
my handle is cookiejartv!
whats yours? i'll follow you!
iCo-kie Report | 08/05/2020 6:43 pm
I feel that. I always forget I'm not even a thing adult anymore, I guess that's for 24 year olds gosh. I think I may have seen those. I haven't been to a hot topic in forever.
I love anime/manga too I just haven't watched anything new lately. I prefer subs and sometimes it's hard to keep up and I have to rewatch the same couple mins over again
iCo-kie Report | 08/05/2020 6:19 am
Hello! emotion_kirakira
October babies have the best birth month!
emo I'll be spiritually 906 in December (but really 28 lol)

My main hobbies are drawing, watching cartoons and collecting figures.
I really just love toys. I had an lol surprise phase. Blind box toys....are modern day gambling big oof.
Now mostly, I'm just trying to cut down on new figures and hunt down my grails.

I also dabble in alt fashion.
RhiAnimeSan Report | 08/02/2020 6:02 pm
I’m doing good! How are you?
Father Scapegrace Report | 07/17/2020 11:09 am
Father Scapegrace
if you need a Japanese language partner, I've been learning for a year



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