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Gender: Female

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Occupation: writer, dreamer, music lover, college student


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Hi~ welcome to my profile~! here is a little you should know about the real me~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ## ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Name: --------- But just call me Roxy.
get to know me first and ill tell you my rl name~ or if you are family~ other than that, you call me Roxy >_>
Age: 28 (October 5th)
Gender: obviously Female
Ethnicity: White lol (Mostly German and Italian, some irish/danish/polish~)
Hair Color: Blonde (naturally) was turning brunet but i didnt like it so i died it lighter >_>
Eye color: Blue
Height/Weight: im 5'4 as for weight... *slaps you* its rude to ask people how much they weigh >__> so im not telling you that <__<
Currently single
I believe in Jesus Christ, and if you have a problem with that, then that is your problem.

Place of Birth: Santa Rosa California
Current state of living: Fresno California (the gayest place in the world!!! xD )
What i look like~

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Proud member since Aug 30, 2008~
Well i am a shy girl (even tho you wont be able to tell lol ) and outgoing (when you get to know me ), flirty girl, who loves attention and nice people, i want friends! lol after getting hurt so many times, i am very hard to trust people, but still very friendly.

I have 100 diff gaia accounts (i know thats sad but lol idc what you think >_> ) this is my new main account. I dont come on a lot due to account hopping xD
I also have snail mail pen pals! I love writing letters to people. If interested just PM me <3
but yea~ if there is anything you want to know about my life just ask~
Also, i have a very special teddybear (dog lol) named Ryuu >> and i sleep with it.. Yea im a 19 year old girl who still snuggles with a teddybear get over it xD


Little boys emotion_awesome
Nice people
My adopted family
Some cats
Most animals
Almost all colors)
(i have the games PM me for fc's? o: )
Some kids <_< (not all they could be brats lol)
Japanese themed things,
Being teased ^//^ about certain anime guys (try and guess which ones~ )
Texting (when im in the mood lol)
getting arts
Chocolate~ (well snickers, milkyway, resses, cookies n' cream, hersheys to be exact~ ) and strangely gummybears o_O


People who say my momma is Hot >_>
Mean people
A**Holes, who act like they are nice but then dump you
people who ignore me
Snakes, allagators, crocodiles, bats, spiders, moths, sharks
the color pink (idk why but i just cant stand that color xD )
school which is why im not in it now goin to online college... joy stare
ect ect lol


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what I want most is someone who will never leave and someone who cares, and loves me. I need friends who are like that. without friends, I have nothing to live for. so.. won't you be my friend?