My name is HeartsXdespise, but you can call me Despia, or Despio.

I'm a 17 year old college student with no life. If you want me to prove to you that I have no life- I have four classes my first semester in college, and they're all in the computer lab. The same one, in three cases, and the other one is down the hall two doors. I also have a laptop which I spend most of my time on.

My favorite things, I think, are anime and music. I really like drawing, and have my own array of characters and settings. Send me a PM or something! I'm really interested in RPing with different people, because I've only done it with a couple of close friends in the last couple of years. I may need some help getting started.

Let's see... my favorite animes include: (off the top of my head, I might have to go back through this later) Soul eater, Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia, Inuyasha, Hellsing, Bleach (but I haven't watched a lot of it), Anima, DNangel, and FMA. I also like the Kingdom Hearts and Disgaea games. ((I've NEVER played Final Fantasy. D: I've been trying to get my hands on one for a while but haven't had the money!!))
I've lived in a small town all my life, and I just recently moved to Denver to go to college, and even there I don't talk to a lot of people, so if my social skills suck... that would be why.
At school, I'm a band nerd, or just a regular nerd. I play bass clarinet mostly, but I also play tenor sax in the jazz band.

ME! I have blonde hair, blue eyes. I wear glasses all the time. v.v; I pretty much need them. I spend most of my free time drawing my characters or being on the computer! I'm very excited about all this.


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androgcyborgsam Report | 12/25/2011 6:54 pm
Merry Christmas~~~~

From your Wonderful Friend,
gaia_nitemareleft Demon gaia_nitemareright
androgcyborgsam Report | 10/19/2010 3:38 pm
Just wanted to let ya know that I have POSTED. You haven't posted again and I worry when people do that.... User Image User Image
foxwisp Report | 10/07/2010 1:14 pm
Yeah, we used to be best friends. But then I figured out she was being a sell out.
Hey, PM me.
foxwisp Report | 10/07/2010 1:06 pm
Hell Yeah!
Best thing is, I didn't get suspended. But she got expelled!
I love it!
foxwisp Report | 10/07/2010 12:58 pm
Not as much bored as I am sad/mad....
I had to go home early and almost got suspended from school for 'fighting'.....
foxwisp Report | 10/07/2010 12:51 pm
Long time no talk! Whats up?
androgcyborgsam Report | 10/01/2010 4:04 am
I completely forgive you. My schedule is turning to a hectic one too. I have so many clubs at my school that I am part of and they all are busy and then the actually school itself...gawd. It seems like I never have time for myself anymore.
androgcyborgsam Report | 09/30/2010 6:01 pm
Yeah it does and your welcome. Oh, and sorry for not being on until now. I had 2 essays that are due tomorrow that I didn't finished until now.
Ryuseki Yen Report | 09/30/2010 4:39 am
Ryuseki Yen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! heart heart
androgcyborgsam Report | 09/30/2010 3:57 am
It says it your b-day sooooo.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!


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