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Oh, what about me? I'd be fairly taken-aback if this actually gets read. Anyway, my name is Kono. I'm currently at the ripe age of twenty-two, in college for Communications and working as a baker. Aside from drawing, I like to write. As a result, I value literacy more than most. I also tend to be fairly argumentative. I have always enjoyed a tasteful debate. Other than my artsy activities, I am a pretty decent fire-spinner. I love listening to music and I have a very eclectic taste. I don't understand people who won't branch out and listen to all kinds of music. The love of my life is a bearded dragon named Embry. He's the most majestic animal to ever live, and he completes me <3.

I have a small, but incredible group of close friends. I don't know what I'd do without them.

I do enjoy roleplaying and I am, and will always be a seme.


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Punk Phantom Cat Report | 05/18/2010 11:09 pm
Punk Phantom Cat
Woud you be willing to tell me in a PM?
Im dying of curiosity now >>
Punk Phantom Cat Report | 05/16/2010 10:26 am
Punk Phantom Cat
Ho..whoa...wait. Damn I missed a lot. I have so many questions now D:
Punk Phantom Cat Report | 05/11/2010 12:09 am
Punk Phantom Cat
Thanks, Sinner. Honestly...today I feel like I've just adopted this way of feeling detached from everything.
It's...odd ina way, and it leaves this hollow feeling in the place of pain, but I'm dealing. 23 more days and I'm out of here.

Thanks for letting me unload. Really.

So how are you, old friend? ^^;
Punk Phantom Cat Report | 05/08/2010 9:47 pm
Punk Phantom Cat
Yeah...and today's another bad day. My parents kept me up til midnight though I had to get up at 5 for school this morning. Im there now. Stupid time difference.
Anyway, All I heard was how I'm so horrible and immature and can't do anything right and it's my fault my dad got fired after he hit a tail rotor on a hand rail (He's a helicopter pilot).
I have 25 more days left out here in Saudi, and I don't even know if I can make it through one more.

Punk Phantom Cat Report | 05/08/2010 4:15 am
Punk Phantom Cat
I was having a pretty bad day. I hate that feeling where it's like...everything is just jumbled up and I need to talk to someone who's not attached to the situation to get it straightened out.

Im a bit better now. I get back to the states in 26 days and never see my dad and stepmom again, which will be an improvement.

But I still...get in these moods. Where I just want to rant and have someone put things straight so I can look at them better.

Haha, if I had known you posted a reply on Your profile, I would have checked sooner ^^
SnowLeFae Report | 05/02/2010 3:52 pm
To be quite honest, I'm not extremely active either. I'm not normally 'active' (As in, chatting) on these types of websites (Which is bad for me, of course, because I don't get coins for it -.-), so I'm just trying to get into more guilds.

How have you been, recently?
HeartlessSinner Report | 05/01/2010 11:09 pm
What do you wish to talk about, dearest?
Punk Phantom Cat Report | 05/01/2010 3:54 am
Punk Phantom Cat
Hey Sinner.
I haven't heard from you in a really long time now. You okay? How ya been?

And uh...would you mind talking with me sometime? Because you have this knack for being straightfoward and it usually sorts my head out >>
Like when I was moving.

Anywya, hope you're doing alright.
SnowLeFae Report | 04/27/2010 4:20 pm
Well, since you seem like a straightforward kind of guy, I'll just say that I found your page/profile as one of the more interesting ones on Gaia (Or that I have seen, for that matter). Dispite what may happen, would you like to be friends? Hmm. Scratch that. "Would you like to 'talk' with me (And then potentionally become friends)?" That sounds better.

If so, I'll start: You are a part of a LOT of guilds xD {Sorry, that was the third thing I noticed (After the 'theme' of your profile and the actual content of it) and I thought it was cool.}
Sixxxty-one Report | 03/06/2010 1:59 pm


S.h.a.t.t.e.r. my frigid heart
C.u.r.i.o.s.i.t.y. kills


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