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Hey,my name is Heartless. i would tell you my real name but i dont feel comfertable telling everyone what it is ,same goes with my age.Im in highschool already! my love for someone remains silent for those who are stalkers.
I do not go to church really,but i do believe in the religous things. im quite spiritual as you can probably tell. i do not care what you are or not i like being friends with anyone.
the music on my playlist is the kind of music i listen to. i listen to pretty much anything but mostly rock and i guess you call pop, im not quite sure. and aprently i cant stop listening to music.
yes i do dance.(ballet,hip hop,lyrical,jazz,and modern). Alot of things express me. i like writing poems whenever i feel like i need to. i also like to put smilies in messages to show the person my expressions.
i love reading and watching anime. its pretty much what i like. i watch scifi sometimes or the british channel.
it may sound alil weird but whenever im really really bored i start playing video games. speaking of vidoe games i like guitar hero. :]
im always on the computer as you can tell. Dont Judge Me! lol.
i really dont like it when people seem to be selfish and rude. im not usually agressive,but ill say or do something when i need to. i have never been in a real fight before in my life. that shows im a good person. :3

My Awesome best fwiends on gaia ares lady rose girl, terrible influence, IAre_Freak , jester_queen, druid xial, angel night wolf, shattered_wolf, RedWulf,grunnyLover ,and shadow wolf bane. :3
im not sure what else to say,so i guess thats it. have a great day.