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User ImageUser Image:] Welcome to my profile! In here, you will know everything about me...and yummy loads of Anime picture spam. Mmm...spam. And possibly Yaoi and Yuri ( CAUTION: If you do not want to meet a rabid Yaoi teenage High School girl, then meet my friend Jen-Chan, my best friend which has the devoted honor of my top friend in my list! Tada! So, if you want to meet this Yaoi rabid teen girl, proceed with caution!) I'm going to introduce myself, and what I represent and my most important thoughts, hobbies, and life goals.

Name: Yasmine ( Not Jasmine ( Nick made the mistake of writing that name in the love letter, ahem.) Not Yas, Not Jas, not Jazmin, not Jasmine. JUST YASMIN. Okay? Good. )

Gender: Female

[User Image
b]My nickname: Yas-Chan, Rose, Panda. ( Once you are my friend, you can call me that. Otherwise, i'll ignore you! RAWR!)

Age: Fourteen (Wow, and I still feel like I am still twelve, how absurd, but I don't want to grow up! I still want to be immature...even though people consider me that I am mature.)

Grade: Ninth (Woot! I entered into High School! How exciting...and exhausting. High School is incredibly... the perfect place to make memories that you can cherish in your heart, and to remember heart-warming friends that guide you in your teenage years. Friends that can betray you, friends that help you in so many ways, and most importantly: Friends that help prepare you for life and how to survive it. Like Jen-Chan.)

Where I live in this small world: User Image
D-Town, Southern California, United States. ( A all-day-and-night busy town where the only famous place in there is the good-old fashioned oldest operating McDonalds. Hah. There is also Stonewood Mall and other fun places like...the park? Um...i'll just say Borders, because of the manga. Hehe.)

What cultures defines me: I am Turkish, Salvadorian, and American.

My social relationship statusUser Image
: Single and I am utterly, completely sincerely not interested in dating. (Has a video game character crush- It is Sothe from Fire emblem: Radiant Dawn)

Favorite Anime/Manga characters, Top Five:

1. Reverie Metherlence from Elemental Gelade.<3 I almost feel like as if we are seperated from birth because I am always quiet and sleepy. -Yawn- -3-
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2. Misa User Image

Misa and L~ Cute~! x3User Image L isn't as Light Yagami, Light Yagami wanted to clearly create a utopia that only supports unsinful humans. Obviously, humans commit sins even though they refuse to. Light has been a sinful human all along.

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2. Dark Chi/Innocent Chi

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3. L LawlietUser Image

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Shhhh, L is sleeping. Let the international famous undercover criminal investigator sleep and dream about his rabid addiction to pastry sweets. <3
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Alternative rock bands that I adore:

-Panda -My chemical romance
-Kudai -Linkin Park
-Guns n' roses -Blossoming lies
-30 seconds to mars -Miranda
-ACDC -Tokio Hotel
-Avril Lavigne -Coldplay
-Good Charlotte -Panic! at the disco
-Daft Punk -Distant painful memories
-evanescence System of a Down,
-Paramore, Iron Maiden,
-My Chemical Romance,
-Nickleback, Three Days Grace,
Iron Maiden,
The Offspring,
Green Day,
Funeral for a Friend,
Fall out Boy,
Avril Lavigne
Biffy Clyro

Favorite mangas/anime:
Vampire knight
D. Gray Man
Code Geuss
009 series
Ranma 1/2
Shugo chara
Azumanga Daioh
elfen lied
Fruits Basket
Kitchen princess
Hollow fields
elemental gelade
Neon genesis evangelion
The twelve kingdoms
Love Hina

http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg43/Unwanted_Sealed_Butterfly/ICONATOR_ec867bfbe525a7dac60d93bf40.gif[/IMG]User Image
Oh yeah,and this is me with a Panda Plushie.=]


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Well this is my journal,nothing much about it.


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Lexx Von Essen

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Lexx Von Essen

HI User Image *hug*
Lexx Von Essen

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Lexx Von Essen

i wish i was better

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nice pro
Deaths Whispers

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Deaths Whispers

Real beauty is gone in an instant

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you changed your username?


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heyyy ;D


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do you get discriminated a lot

i do

in fact

a facebook holiday is about slapping redheads

no. just no

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so hows your art shop going?

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haha are you serious?

i feel specialss<333

mmmm, any is fine ;D

which ever one is easier xP

i didnt come to school today XP

i was vomiting everywhere XDD

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thank you