~Little about me~
Hello All! I am female I hope you already figured that out though. Everyone can call me by Heart, but my real name is Amber. I work in a In Home Care Facility. I moved to South Dakota in Dec 2011 and bought my house! I have four doggos Xena, Grimm, Nemesis, and Lady. I also have 4 cats Dominic, Ghost, Annabelle and Arty. They are my babies and my life. I have a horrible obsession with Zombies, Horror and Pokémon. I like to read but I never had the time to sit down and get lost in the pages of my books.I like going outside and enjoying the nice weather(when I get it) with my dogs. I love music of any kind if its good I will listen to it. I love electronics mainly my PS4! heart I am a huge gamer. If you really wanna talk to me I will leave my PSN down below its a sure fire way to get ahold of me. ..
~Loved people who give me Gifts~
Scareddemon17 - To much to be named ^^ heart heart
PaiseansAingeal - Ice Tiara smile
Illidan_Stormrage_00 - 17k
Indigo Amaya - 17k
Ushitora Nagakura - Royal Musketeer Top razz
Shadow in the shadows - 7k ^^;

If anyone goes and begs for gold to them I will hunt you down and stab you in the eyes with a spork. twisted

Hey this is my contacts if you want some other way to talk to me besides gaia
Heartbleeds@hotmail.com - msn
Heartbleeds - PSN(add me if you game)