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Silmarili Report | 07/04/2010 11:28 am
thanks for the brithday wish ever so long ago <333
Starcatcher07 Report | 06/15/2010 12:40 pm
Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIIIII
Silmarili Report | 04/04/2010 2:47 pm
thanks xD
Starcatcher07 Report | 03/06/2010 10:57 am
Kaitie is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! She's extremely hyper!! (Swear she's on drugs half the time. :rolf: ) She's extremely good tempered and laughs so hard she squeaks. Sept the one time she contined laughing but the squeaking suddenly stopped (sort of like when a baby crys so much it can't get enough air to make the sound.) We all jumped on her and said to calm down. When she finally did her face was beat red and she kept going "ow...ow my stomic *hicup* hurts." that was an interesting lunch. rofl
Starcatcher07 Report | 03/03/2010 12:28 pm
I said this to Star and I'll say it to you... You don't live here and actually deal with his policies... Do you??? (Not trying to sound rude or anything but...) I find him an ideot. You don't really have to deal with his policies and his laws and the fact that he's trying to take over any business that is doing well for themselves. He SHOULD NOT be president. He's a complete and total ideot.

It's okay i is sort of getting use to him not being around anymore but it is still hard.
And don't feel like your a broken Record.... You should hear my friend Kaitie now that's a broken record.
X-Assassins-Devotion-X Report | 02/27/2010 10:29 pm
I dont know but Hey Loll...
X-Assassins-Devotion-X Report | 02/23/2010 12:39 pm
Starcatcher07 Report | 02/22/2010 12:41 pm
Yeah i can see you being annoyed at Will Smith's accent. I have a hard time understanding it at times cuz he uses alot of Slang that i never hear... EVER!!!
Obama annoys the crap out of me he may talk prettiful but he's an absolute ideot AND has no idea how to run this ******** up contry.
AWWW that's sweet. No i'm turning 17 Saturday!!! xd i'm excited but it's kinda going to stink to cuz My bestest friend passed away on the 13th. I actually walked in from school saw his van in the drive way and thought of going over to say hi when i remembered i couldn't crying It made me sad. Dad laughed at me saying that's probably going to be the hardest part.
Starcatcher07 Report | 02/20/2010 7:44 am
really??? which accent? I would think it would be easy. Less your talking about the fact that some of us say things funny. rofl oh well i never notice. I mean i can under the british/english/whatever you want to call it accent fairly easily, but then again i've listened to it at least 50 hours due to the Harry Potter Audio books.
John's 17, I'm turning 17 on the 27 of this month. xd
Starcatcher07 Report | 02/19/2010 7:42 am
See i know that and you know that but John's an ideot sometimes and thinks he'll understand it even though he askes me questions EVERYTIME we watch a Harry Potter movie together "So what's going on...I'm confused??" Cuz you haven't read the book. Is all i answer.

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