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Gender: Male

Location: Cameron,North Carilona

Birthday: 08/11/1974

Occupation: TNWE Wrestler


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I like turtles .


About The Official Matt Hardy of Gaiaonline

Usernames: Hardy Boyz Matt Hardy, HB Matt Hardy, HB Matt Hardy V1,HB Matt M Hardy V1
Associates: Extremest-Champ Jeff Hardy, XX_Jeff Hardy, i MVP i_Ballin, 3D-Booker T, Rainb0w Haired Warrior, HB Jeff Hardy Enigma
Highlights: GWE ECW Champion,GWE Tag Team Champion, GWE IC Champion, GWE Million Dollar Champion..TNWE Unified Tag Champion, TNWE United Champion, TNWE Execution Champion

Gaian Wrestling Entertainment (Mid 2008-2009)
When Matt Hardy first debuted in GWE [[Gaian Wrestling Entertainment]] he lost his first match to Sexy Michael Hickebottom. (i Shawn Michaels i, i HBK i,)Matt had to learn how to rp at first Matt thought of quitting but he didn't see quitting as an option so the slogan "Hardy will not die.." Matt then learned to rp by watching fellow companion and mentor 3D-BOOKER T..(Who doesn't get online anymore) Matt and Booker T had some issues but in the end they were resloved, and with the up and new comer the 2 came up with a great group,they find 2 other members (i MVP i_Ballin, i_MarkHenry_i) and called their selves "Pandemic.."
"Pandemic Dynasty and end of a dynasty.."(2009)
Once Pandemic was created members Matt Hardy, MVP, and Mark Henry and leader Booker T were on a roll taking GWE by storm the titles were countless for the group they held the GWE World Championship and Tag Titles,then personal problems hurt the group with Matt and Mark getting into a scuffle leading to Mark Henry quitting the group and GWE.But after that Pandemic was still on a role it had been told that Mark Henry was the one leading the group down with his no title wins or matches..Everything in Pandemic was great until i MVP i_Ballin left GWE..Then Pandemic was really screwed they tried to co-op as a team but Matt felt he had succeeded without Pandemic and that he was the Shawn Michaels and Booker T was the Marty Jenettey..So the end of Pandemic

Matt Hardy Vs. Booker T Fued...(2009)
After the ending of Pandemic Booker T,tired of Matt's disrespectfulness of saying he was the best and most talented in Pandemic so Booker T and Matt had matches but one settled it all,the I quit match ,no one wanted to lose this math especially since it was for Matt's GECW title..But after a long bloody battle 1 remained standing tall with the title and it was Booker T

Mattitude Era (2009)
The Mattitude era was just a way of Matt being self idulged in himself of saying he is the best,and had followers to his group he had one member that he betrayed Booger444, no one knew what happend to him he now calls him self Justin Sane(i Justin Sane i)

The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita(2009)

Matt Hardy discovered his brother and teamate Jeff while doing a match in Rally (XX_Jeff Hardy) they made their group and won titles together but they also had issues with Jeff's recklessness but the group always stayed alive,Then came along Lita, the hardy's Matt and Jeff taught Lita about Roleplay but soon when going to meet Lita(i Lita i) in hollywood Matt caught Lita kissing new GWE member Edge (iEdge_extreme, Adam Joseph Copeland) and the 2 split up also while going through this Jeff had dissapeared (Stopped coming online for a long time)

The Rivalry between the Rated R Couple and Matt Hardy(2009)

When Jeff was gone Matt went through a long rivalry with Edge and Lita but when the smoked clear it was Lita that played both men and starting dating Blaze..((No one won the rivalry))
The 7 month retirement and return..
Matt had left TNWE after losing his TNWE United Championship,and felt that the guild had gotten boring but thanks to friend and all-time rival Edge (Adam Joseph Copeland) Matt has returned and has reached his dream of becoming a world champion by beating Chris Hero (Its Chris Hero)
Total Nonstop Wrestling Entertainment 2009-present
Matt currently wrestles in the popular wrestling E-Fed known as Total Nonstop Wrestling Entertainment (TNWE) and is currently the TNWE World Heavyweight Execution Champion his record is 2-0-1 because started over my record when I returned

Matt Hardy Banned and Come Back (2010)

After winning the Execution Championship for the first time anf defending it Hardy got banned for no reason currently trying to get the account un-banned Hardy left Gaia wrestling for a while to come back to the reborn GWE that is so far alive while TNWE Rest's In Peace..

My 2010 Tiantron


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CeNation Cena
Zack ? Add me it's Carlo.
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William Jason Reso
Oh my gosh, it's naked man.
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Hey Wanna Have a Match?
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Its Brian V2
Hey Zack, its Brian. Wassup man.
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Phillip Brooks
So, your Zack, right?
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Phillip Brooks
Sup, Hardy.
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hey! Umm question can I have the code for your pro? but pink or violet
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