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Registered: 10/03/2005

Gender: Female

Location: Lost in my mind, somewhere in California.

Birthday: 10/19/1987

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The artistry that flows from my fingertips...o,0




Hello, my name is Heather, but most of you know me as Hazel. Hazel was derived from my eye color which happened to be what my husband(Zypher Wildfire) suggested to be my name. I've been a Gaian for nearly 5 years now. I never expected to be this into Gaia, but well...I am. So anyways, I do art, you can usually look in my recent posts to find my art shop. If you want to do art trades either PM me with samples or post in whatever my current shop is!

Married Zypher Wildfire 7/17/10!
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ShoutMinusTLawn Report | 03/05/2016 4:25 pm
Thank you for your recent purchase from my store! ^_^
MinteeCutee Report | 02/20/2016 12:23 pm
I'm not sorry! lol
MinteeCutee Report | 02/20/2016 12:03 pm
Oh jeez, scroll down and look at our last comment conversation. I jinxed you. lol
MinteeCutee Report | 02/20/2016 12:01 pm
We have been living together for 4 years, so I'm ready when he is. lol
MinteeCutee Report | 02/20/2016 11:31 am
That is exciting! I am engaged and getting married in September, but all I really want is a baby. sweatdrop
MinteeCutee Report | 02/20/2016 10:53 am
Oh damn! That kinda sucks. lol
MinteeCutee Report | 02/20/2016 8:58 am
Congratulations on the news of your pregnancy!
Invader-Muffin Report | 12/24/2015 3:16 pm
Thank you for your purchase
yukiko347 Report | 11/07/2015 4:49 pm
Thank you for your purchase.
Rinioa Report | 10/29/2013 4:37 pm
Ahhh! Hello!! A friend of mine bought the art for me many years ago and I never knew the artist!!! Thank you so much for the comment ...and for the art!!!! Hehe. heart
Zypher Wildfire
Hazel Wildfire