"I've Seen Love Die Way To Many Times, When It Deserves To Be Alive."

"I Will Never Let You Fall - I'll Stand Up With You Forever."

Hello, I'm Hayley.

-- My Previous Acc Name Was DandyDaisy

I LOVE Twilight.

-- I have the BIGGEST crush on Edward Cullen (actor; robert pattinson && the fictional character)
-- I love the plot
-- I love vampires
-- Vampires are the complete sex
-- Werewolves can go fxck the moon for all I care
-- I so badly want twilight to be REAL!
-- I write fanfictions on twilight, making up my own character
-- If you got a good site where I can post twilight fanfictions, lemme know <33


-- I'm short
-- A couple freckles
-- Chocolate brown hair
-- Hazel eyes
-- Straight teeth
-- Short nails

You get the picture.

I care for my friends.

-- I love all my friends dearly
-- Whenever they need help, I'm there
-- Whenever they need a shoulder to cry on, I'm there
-- If they want something, I'll help get it

You get the picture.

My bestfriend KittehGoddess was hacked on 22nd of March, '08. She had 3 full genie outfits (pink/gold, black/silver, blue/gold), white cat band, gold genie bangles, gold genie braclets, genie headsets (pink/gold, black/silver, blue/gold). She also had a wild thing. She - lost - everything. I am currently trying to help her get everything back but I'm low on gold. If you could help, I would dearly appreciate it. If you can, contact me or Minty (KittehGoddess) a.s.a.p. Thank you.

Dream Avatar

a) School Girl
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Total Value: 35,867 Gold
Hair Value: 2,670 Gold

Item List:
Beat Slim Black Shoes
Blue Sweetheart Teddy
Blue Middle School Skirt
Elegant Blue Ribbon
Benny the Puppy
Blue Middle School Uniform Top
White Stockings

b) Dark Rogue
User Image
Total Value: 53,555 Gold
Hair Value: 2,670 Gold

Item List:
Summoning Tome
Wild Things
Sun Staff
Four Horsemen
Syaoran's Cloak
Ahhrr!! Fancy Vest
Lex's Dark Gloves
Black Goth Skirt
Black Eye Stripe Tattoo
Black Dress Boot

c) Genie
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Total Value: 11,956 Gold
Hair Value: 2,670 Gold

[ Donations Would Be Appreciated ]
[ xx ]


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Report | 01/26/2009 5:18 pm


awesome profile i love it + i love twilight


Report | 04/21/2008 5:51 am


Thanks for buying the White Eye Stripe Tattoo from my store.

Report | 04/09/2008 12:35 am



<3 ily ily

i dunno.. im thrilled..

imma go to lotsa places in the states

oh my travellling travelling

ill get to learn lotsa languages, cultures and pick up some haugty hot accents..

haha ily.. tell me hows ur life
-Pink Cutie S-

Report | 03/22/2008 8:50 pm

-Pink Cutie S-

~Random Comment!~

Nice avvi!

Report | 03/22/2008 4:48 am


hahaha ily too.. im moving to texas this summer xD

im so excited.. lols

anyway anyway..

HAPPY EASTER!! <3 ily tc
Goddess Of Fantasies

Report | 03/21/2008 11:47 pm

Goddess Of Fantasies

Omfg! I Am Seriously Gunna Kill The Person Who Hacked Me!

And You Can Take Me Off Your Page As I Am Not Wearing Any Clothes.


Arch_ jude_06

Report | 03/21/2008 11:26 pm

Arch_ jude_06

hi wassup

just wanted to see how u were doing

keep rockin'

Miss Pocky Stix

Report | 03/21/2008 2:19 am

Miss Pocky Stix

uhmm gud 1....


imm soo lovin ur avi!!


MPS smile

Report | 03/20/2008 11:57 pm


yea i cant do that either.. har har

its just that some of my cousins just randomly gift me.

=I i like that pic too

(-.-)/ *hugs*

Report | 03/19/2008 4:41 am


haha itss not that bad.. like it actually made me happy to go back dating xD


[no mines erck! its just that i cant order online (for monthly collectibles) since my credit card isnt with me so sad i really wanted the wonderland thing tho!]


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