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I have no idea why you would be looking at this thing but considering you have you probably either:

A) will be leaving me a message saying something along the lines of "thanks for the buy" or "thanks for the add" or something as I auto accept friend requests because I honestly don't care.

B) are genuinely curious as to who I am or curious as to what I would possibly write about myself on a profile site.

Therefore I guess i will help cure the curiosity a bit, although i haven't honestly gave 2 shits about any profile I have written in several years as i don't pay any attention to profile sites anymore. Every last one of them is fundamentally stupid in my opinion. Yes this is a profile site.


NAME: Haydrian
AGE: Probably older than you.

They call me the sarg due to my intense obsession with gaming and because i tend to camp people that call me grandpa seeing as i'm not THAT old. That and as per RVB characters I've been dubbed sarg several times over so it's just come to pass that I'm Sgt. Hayd or Sgt. Hate due to my old ID "Hatecraze".

I mainly play MMORPGs and have went into FPS retirement as of not long after the second Halo game came out. I can't remember years anymore so i just use release dates for reference. I have been tempted to come back for Halo: Reach but that's hard to say I'm rusty by now and would have to adjust to my 360 - and I'm far too comfortable on my PCs.

Hit me up if you play any MMOs as i probably am or have played it before. My current fancy is oddly enough a Nexon game called Mabinogi and it's prequel that has been my pleasure to be a beta tester of, Vindictus. I'll probably beta Dragon's Nest and a few others as well in the next couple quarters.

Now the real question is why the hell am i on Gaia Online, right? Honestly I have no idea why i am here. If I ever figure it out I'll tell you. I was never fond of the community here so i'm not here for the forums, the game is rather dull, and the avatars are just a money sink beyond anything I've ever seen. So really... I can't explain this one, I blame boredom while I was unemployed.

So yea that's my "bio" and about all you need to know of me. Hit me up if your still curious I guess, but i swear that i'm not that interesting.



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mellie_the_vampire Report | 08/10/2010 11:00 am
Thank you! I love this thing. biggrin
Anaime Report | 07/25/2010 3:37 pm
thanks for the purchase! biggrin
willika_kun Report | 07/21/2010 1:55 am
Thanks for buying at my shop !
goodness-unjust Report | 07/19/2010 4:26 pm
Hey there & thank for buying outta my store,
Hope you made the most outta your purchase.
Take care & cheers again for your Custom
blaugh rofl xp
ilovethevillain Report | 05/19/2010 1:13 pm
Thanks for shopping at my store! Have a nice day! ~miraculous misconceptions
D3STY Report | 05/18/2010 6:08 pm
....Awesome. :3
D3STY Report | 05/18/2010 4:26 pm
Good luck, dude. I'm not attached to any of my current guild members, so if you're looking for members let me know ^^
D3STY Report | 05/18/2010 2:57 pm
I know how you feel. I was in Fullmetalfox for a while, but the leader left and made another guild and all this crazy stuff happened. Aside from the guild I had, nothing has really 'clicked', as you say. Just guild hopping every week or so really sucks.
Small guilds with close friends seem to work the best.
D3STY Report | 05/18/2010 2:42 pm
Farms are so cute. >w< I'm near the city.
Pandora sounds like it was a fun guild. The ones I've been in have been really slow :/ Last leader wasn't on in ten weeks or so, one before that just disbanded.
D3STY Report | 05/18/2010 1:34 pm
Oh, epic. Do want. Dragon Boat were fun until they made it super hard. The fireworks event with the boxes was cool, too.

...the cow hat will haunt you.


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