My house burned when I was six. I moved in with dear old Great Aunt Leanne. Leanne hated me and my handicapped brother so from six until I was eighteen, I took care of Dargo. When he married my best friend, I went with a handsome stranger out at sea. Three days out he threw me over board. I was rescued by pirates and at twenty I married the captain's son. On our wedding night, that handsome stranger showed up in our suit and beheaded my new husband and scarred my physically and mentally for life. My new father-in-law couldn't handle the news and had a heart attack leaving his ship and crew to his only family. Me. I set my life goal to getting revenge on the handsome stranger and got a name for myself killing anyone and everyone who got in the way and a few who didn't. The king's navy made it theit mission to hang me, but after I killed half their forces in one go, they left the whole job up to one man. At twenty three, I ripped out his boss' heart and gave it to him as an engagment gift. Bantry gave me a locket. The locket has a better shelf life, but my gift got him a promotion.



At 18 I left home. By 19 I was a pirate. When I was 20, I was already a widow, and now at 23 I'm at the top of the King's most wanted.
Be crazy is the easy part
heart In loving memory of Maes Hughes heart