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I am

a writer ♥ an intersectional feminist ♥ a supporter of social justice ♥ an atheist ♥ a photographer of the amateur sort ♥ a biromantic ace ♥ an INFP ♥ a procrastinator ♥ a sufferer of migraines ♥ a wannabe poet ♥ looking for faith ♥ in love with astronomy ♥ overwhelmed ♥ trying to be a better person

I want

to travel the world ♥ to visit Romania ♥ to finish reading all the books I own ♥ my migraines to go away ♥ to have lucid dreams more often ♥ a chance to be remembered ♥ to be published ♥ the world to be a better place ♥ to be understood

I have

too many ideas ♥ overflowing shelves of books ♥ too many feelings ♥ social anxiety ♥ a pretty good poker face ♥ gigantic amounts of rage ♥ optimism ♥ a weird desire to read terrible books ♥ a fear of dying

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junebi Report | 07/06/2015 9:27 pm
Hihi, I've been super busy with stuff on Tumblr and I'm usually over there if you wanna chat emotion_bigheart Miss ya! emotion_kirakira
junebi Report | 05/16/2015 1:05 pm
Heya, I'm really sorry for never replying. I've gotten into a lot of fandom wank (of the abuse apologism variety—it's garbage) and real life stuff that happened but it's kinda over with now haha. How've you been? If you wanna read recent wank, you can here—it's about Dragon Age 2. To give you some context, they're arguing about a mage (a class that is oppressed by the church and state in DA universe; elves in comparison have it WAY harder) who committed terrorism by blowing up a church. Abuse apologists cite he's a cat-lover, he's been abused, he gives free medical care to the needy, and he's a mage activist as reasons to love him. Reasons to hate him...well, if you need me to sum up, I'd be happy to biggrin I love talking about Dragon Age.
junebi Report | 03/20/2015 3:47 pm
Nononono don't worry about it girl smile Thanks for the birthday wishes emotion_bigheart
junebi Report | 03/16/2015 5:17 pm
omg that Kaworu kid is on some kind of patriotic drug or something. THAT kid is annoying. I absolutely refuse to deal with willful ignorance to that degree like omg. You should go see his response. It is full of "NO DO NOT WANT STOP TALKING PLS." HE CITED WIKIPEDIA LIKE OH---MY---GAWD emotion_facepalm
junebi Report | 03/11/2015 10:08 pm
White privilege and ableism: EXACTLY. It's like you use the excuse that they have mental issues to justify their actions, let them off the hook, and then act like people with mental disabilities are a menace to society. Like what the absolute ********? You only like people with mental illnesses when they commit some of the most heinous crimes. I really ******** hate this country. It's made on all kinds of contractions and hypocrites.
"Hey Mr. Taliban, hand over Bin Laden. Daylight come, and we drop the bomb." Hoooooooly s**t. I can't believe they would allow children to sing this. What the absolute ********. This country smh. And no, Muslims don't hate Americans (although, I wouldn't blame them either). They're scared of Americans at this point. Like most Muslims are peaceful because that's what their religion teaches.

Feminism: OH speaking sexism and feminism, you should totally start buying your gear from Look Human. They have some of the most AWESOME feminist apparel and stuff in general:
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junebi Report | 03/11/2015 9:35 pm
Racism: Yeah, it's so much easier for people to just ignore the problem than to admit it, criticize it, and try to unlearn that s**t. "Too much effort." ******** complacent willful ignorance is the worst. Nobody has the right to bring up "third world countries" being worse because they're only worse because white imperialism, USA/Canada and EU made them that way. And ********. When people say s**t like "well you're wearing jeans. what should I say about that?" I'm like, "You can't reverse it because I don't benefit from this system—you do. I HAVE to wear jeans if I'm going to succeed in this god-forsaken world. You think I'm gonna get hired in a successful establishment if I went into an interview wearing my ao dai? ******** no. If I wore my culture's dress, you white people would either make fun of me or take my style and 'make it your own' into some trendy white bullshit. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. So ******** you." That's ALWAYS my response and then they have NOTHING to say after.

Growing a thicker skin: Yeah. I've been playing League of Legends a lot and, so far, people are generally okay but when there are toxic people—jee-zuss. It is SO bad. Absolutely no reason to throw your humanity out the window just because a screen separates you. One of my teammates were harassing me the entire game and even the enemy team reported them for verbal abuse. Unfortunately, Riot (the creator) policy is just to suspend or do nothing. These sites and games can be really terrible at keeping their users safe—really need to invest in the community. I had this person (their username is euthanizeallorientals) harass me. I reported them two months ago and their Tumblr is still active. I wrote to abuse@tumblr.com again about it. Hopefully they actually get their s**t together to do something about it. Tumblr never should have sold out to Yahoo. They can be so disgusting—even though they're going to host one of my favorite shows (Community). I hate them.

(p 2/?)
junebi Report | 03/11/2015 9:03 pm
"Free" speech: Yeah seriously. On Chatterbox, someone named Jiggly Wiggly Puff or something like that said something racist about one of the sweetest users around. I pointed out that people who stand around on the sidelines and let bigotry happen (or anything wrong) is just as bad as the person committing it. Letting a person get pushed around when you can do something about it is no better than pushing them around yourself. Like you might as well have pushed them around yourself. Then this white girl comes up and says, "I say I want peace and I'm just as racist as the racists" and got all salty about it when I pointed out that she only says she wanted "peace" to the people who are pointing out that the person is a ******** racist lol. People like that are so gross—"let's all be friends; stop pointing out bigots are bigots! it's okay bigot, i'll be your friend!" I have no tolerance for that s**t. I just go "I don't want to get into it with someone who will tolerate ignorance when they don't have to. You're not different. LATA!" *ignore*

Avatar, bans, and pride: Thank you emotion_bigheart I always feel the need to change it up haha xd

Omg what the absolute ********. You can get banned for that s**t? What the ******** Gaia coming to, honestly? You want the attitude of League of Legends ragers and mads to stick around? Like wtf. They ain't gonna keep money in your pockets, greedy ********. And if anyone ever tells me to "go back to tumblr" (cuz it hasn't happened yet), I'd tell them I will gladly go to a more accepting, loving, and creative platform such as Tumblr only if they return to the cesspit of pestilence that is 4chan. Good luck, bb. I hope you don't get banned. If you do, I'll be part of your appeal 'cause you can totally appeal for that s**t. Get evidence of the person being an a** though.

Anytime a heterosexual takes it upon themselves to say something as ignorant as "where's the het pride flags?" I tell them, "Pride flags weren't made for you. They were made for the people who've been shunned all their life, excluded all their life, 'Other'd all their life. And yeah, girl don't ever give money to this site. They just sent Tektek, a site that's been around since Gaiaonline's inception, a cease and desist over copyright issues or else they will sue. Gaia is THE ABSOLUTE LAST site that should be complaining about copyright s**t. They ******** themselves over economically and morally—to the public, a tactic like this makes a business look like a bully AND they will lose money since Tektek is used for people to find items since their search engine is s**t.

(p 1/?)
junebi Report | 03/11/2015 2:24 pm
Saw your status and omg it's so hypocritical to silence criticism in the name of "free speech." ******** free speech. Freedom of speech protects you from the government—not everybody else.
junebi Report | 03/10/2015 4:16 am
Omg sorry I haven't replied in a long time x.x I had midterms and I have another the week after next because I'm on spring break so I can finally respond which I'll do tomorrow ASAP because I'm on ny phone xd
Casually Fabulous Report | 02/26/2015 2:01 am
Casually Fabulous
It's all good, I'm about to be gone for awhile.

I do get off days on the weekends, unless I have duty or we just have too much work to do. So, not as much as I should, considering how late they keep us. I'm seriously not paid enough for this crap.

I don't think I could ever truly understand the need to maintain any belief. You don't have to believe fact, it just is. So to ignore facts to help further belief...it's just confusing to me.

Modern sci-fi and a good deal of horror as we know it, I think. She was revolutionary.

I'm reading Parasite by Mira Grant right now, actually. She's one of my favorite authors, but I only found her fairly recently. I'm also keeping up with the comics I'm subscribed to, but the only ones that update regularly are Thor, Loki, and Ms Marvel. I remember liking her flying and that she listened to loud, angry music.

Have a cup?

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